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Latest Comments

In response to: Massive Fish Kill in the Chesapeake Bay; Is American Wildlife Cursed?

Comment from:

Maybe news media is just reporting it more right now, but still startling with thousands of bird dying in Arkansas, then repeated with 500 dead birds in Louisiana. Add in the 100,000 or more drum dying in the Arkansas River and locally a possible large die off in the hot ponds in Michigan off Lake Erie and it seems like more is going on that normal.

01/05/11 @ 03:56 pm

In response to: Amazon River Dolphins Being Slaughtered for Bait

Comment from:

Another shame I hope can be stopped. In the study area, they report the population of these rare mammals that only exist in South America, India and Bangladesh (the Chinese variety has already been declared functionally extinct), is going down by 7% per year! That is 1,500 killed for fish bait per year in that area alone! I can tell from first hand experience that these amazing mammals commonly come near fishing boats. We had them around our boats most of the time I was on the Rio Negro.

07/17/10 @ 05:09 pm