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St. Clair Shores Weather Station

The following are only a partial listing of all the zones available for NWS marine weather forecasts. Visit for a complete list of nearshore and offshore reports for the entire Great Lakes system. Visit for a complete listing of marine weather buoys and stations.

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Studying Rogue Waves inc the ‘Three Sisters’

Rogue Waves (and the ‘Three Sisters’ – Wikipedia)

About NWS Marine Internet Resources

About this Page & Disclaimer

These Great Lakes marine weather forecast, data buoy, satellite imagery and water level links are provided as is with no guaranty. Please use the information at your own risk. For all NOAA links please read the National Weather Service Internet statement and disclaimer page. You should never rely on one source of information, especially one that expressly states it is not the official method of disseminating data. Always confirm update dates and times. recommends anyone who boats on the Great Lakes carry a strong working VHF radio with marine weather capability to receive official up-to-date information and alerts. VHF is line of site and portable radios may not have the range you need to contact someone in an emergency. Make sure you carry all safety equipment required at minimum. Find your boater safety information at Michigan anglers can get their handbook at for example.

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