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About Dan Kimmel

“A brief  biography on owner Dan Kimmel… ” was created and started by Dan Kimmel in December of 2005 growing out of a desire share a love for bass fishing, and the idea of being a conservationist too, to give something back to the sport!

“Though I no longer fish bass tournaments, some of this information is here for the archives as I used to pursue sponsors while I fished 25 to 35 bass tournaments a year in pursuit of a professional fishing career I eventually changed my mind on. I leave this information for anyone who might be interested.”

Stuff about Dan

I’ve left these old informational pages here for the archives.
Maybe someone can use examples from here for their own promotions.

Some of Dan’s Favorite Great Lakes Bass Hot Spots

General Information & My Biography

Dan Kimmel
P.O. Box 27424
Lansing, MI 48909
810-433-BASS (2277)


Wife – Angie
and Eli the cat.


Owner/ Webmaster/ Website Design & Hosting –, & Other Web Sites, Angler, Outdoor Writer & Photographer;
Past: Sr Business Information Analyst, McLaren Health Plan (Jun 2001 – June 2010);


Fishing – 25 money tournament wins; 28 big bass awards; 130 career money finishes; 4 Michigan BASS federation (MBCF/Michign B.A.S.S. Nation now) classics; 3- time BASS federation state team qualifier; 3-time TBF of Michigan state team qualifier; 1 TriState Bass Classic, 2 Redman Regionals & the 2001 Wal-Mart BFL All-American (formerly Redman)

Dan Kimmel

Born to Fish!

1990 MUCC Convention my Special Conservation Award
1990 MUCC Convention Dan Kimmel speech for receiving the Special Conservation Award

Leadership – numerous positions in outdoors / conservation groups including long board of director terms with the MBCF & the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC); awarded the 1990 MUCC Special Conservation Award; 13 years as MBCF Conservation Director; & 6 years as Conservation Director and 3 years as Vice President of The Bass Federation of Michigan.

Other – published articles in local, state, regional & national magazines and papers since 1988; owner and webmaster of,, and other websites (see –


Techniques – Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, shallow/clear water bass fishing, tubes/jigs, topwater, jerkbaits, snap-jigging, blade baits.

Bodies of Water – Grand River, Muskegon Lake, White Lake, Saginaw Bay, Lake St. Clair & St. Clair River, Burt/Mullett Lakes, Lake Charlevoix, Elk-Torch Chain, Gull Lake, Upper & Lower Crooked Lakes, Cass Lake, Lake Ovid.


Outdoor shows, web site design and programming, seminars, writing, outdoor photography, some radio and television, outdoors and conservation law and regulations.


UPDATE: 2010 – I no longer regularly compete in bass tournaments nor do I generally seek sponsorship. I put most of my time into running my web businesses and working on outdoors-related conservation and legislation issues. I leave my information up on as examples for other anglers who are interested in chasing their professional bass fishing dream. Competing in the Michigan BFL & TBF of Michigan state championship along with select local tournaments, mostly summer/fall. Available on many winter and spring weekends. Here’s an old, outdated page I used to update every year about My Tournaments and other activities.

Dan Kimmel is a skilled angler and tournament competitor with over twenty years of state and regional tournament experience. He’s worked numerous outdoors shows for a variety of fishing enterprises and performed a wide variety of fishing seminars in front of audiences small and large, young and old since the mid 1980’s, along with some television taping and live radio. Dan recently (2006) spent over 3 years in the positions of vice president and conservation director for the new The Bass Federation of Michigan while continuing work on his web site and continuing outdoor writing on fishing and conservation topics.

My Family

Angie - about portrait

Angela, My Wife

I’m one of the luckiest anglers on the Earth. My wife lets me pursue my tournament bass fishing dream. Without her total support, I would not be successful. She’s my biggest ‘catch’ and my number one ‘sponsor.’ Angie loves photography and colorful fall days on the water.

The Pets

Eli new cat picture
May 2005: Our newest fishing cat – Eli they say his name is (I call him Goofball – this picture is misleading as to why). He was less than a year old and may actually make Max (aka Jabba the cat) finally lose some weight.
Update 2011: Max passed away after being ill for a long time. Eli is our 'big boy' now. Still goofy as ever. We've had a couple other 'fishing cats' but we are down to just Eli and a little lady Annie that Angie rescued from among our many bird-attacking strays because she just couldn't resist her.
Update 2011: Max passed away after being ill for a long time. Eli is our ‘big boy’ now. Still goofy as ever. We’ve had a couple other ‘fishing cats’ but we are down to just Eli and a little lady Annie that Angie rescued from among our many bird-attacking strays because she just couldn’t resist her.
 Our 2004 fishing cat - Max (fishing cat means I go fishing and come home to hear, "Look honey, we have a new cat!") I think he looks like a big mouse. Max will eat almost anything - he loves french fries.
Our 2004 fishing cat – Max (fishing cat means I go fishing and come home to hear, “Look honey, we have a new cat!”) I think he looks like a big mouse. Max will eat almost anything – he loves french fries.
Moe and Captain the cats through screen

Captain and Moe were our first long time pets. Moe (left) passed away in May 2001. Sadly, Captain is no longer with us either. He passed on 4/2/05. He was my buddy while Moe and I respected and kept wary eyes on each other. We’ve had a couple dogs, but that has not turned out very well for us, so no dogs right now.

Some of the Rest of the Family

Me, Dave, Jim, Paul, the boys

I come from a big family… in many ways. I have 14 brothers and sisters – a ‘yours, mine and ours’ situation. It’s hard to get that many people together very often, but I do happen to have a fairly recent picture of me (I’m the oldest of the ‘mine’ bunch) with my original three brothers – I had to stand forward (left) so I wouldn’t be dwarfed by the Kimmel ‘redwoods!’ Right of me – next oldest brother Dave (once a Marine, always a Marine except now Dave has hair), goofy ‘baby’ brother Jim and Paul.

A Quote – Michael Johnson, 1996 Olympic 200- and 400-meter Champion
From his book Slaying the Dragon

“Success is found in much smaller portions than most people realize. A hundredth of a second here or sometimes a tenth there can determine the fastest man in the world. At times we live our lives on a paper-thin edge that barely separates greatness from mediocrity and success from failure.

Life is often compared to a marathon, but I think it is more like being a sprinter: long stretches of hard work punctuated by brief moments in which we are given the opportunity to perform at our best.”

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