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Dan Kimmel here. I’ve been active in outdoors issues more than 30 years – speaking at my first public meeting over 35 years ago regarding building a public access site on Webber Dam Pond. I tend to concentrate on issues that affect bass fishing and tournaments, but that can be a broader issue than some might think encompassing clean water, healthy and numerous wetlands, habitat (&, wastewater treatment and ground runoff (nonpoint source pollution), aquatic nuisance species issues, public access issues, funding for wildlife/fish programs, and all the regulations and law related to the outdoors.

I’ve spent almost 20 years as conservation director for one bass federation or the other. It can be time-consuming, but I truly believe you can’t just fish, hunt or enjoy the outdoors the way you wish, without putting some effort back into the outdoors. It truly is a precious gift that needs care and protection. Of course, I hope to help by providing accurate information to help us use our time wisely promoting and preserving our natural resources for wise use.

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