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GreatLakesBass.com - Extensive bass fishing home page specializing in Great Lakes, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ontario bass fishing techniques, news, issues, conservation, bass fishing reports, bass biology, tournament strategy, bass fishing lure and fishing tackle, bass fishing forum and fishing message board, logistics and safety, and product information.

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You’ve reached the site map for Great Lakes Bass.com, one of the top bass fishing and tournament fishing web sites in the Great Lakes region. Resources on this web site cover fishing tips, fishing articles, bass biology and management, tournament information and news, and fishing product information and reviews. Also find one of the few Internet forums dedicated to Michigan and Great Lakes bass fishing topics including detailed fishing reports, info from many tournament circuits with a full calendar of events, and fishing / outdoor-related items for sale. GreatLakesBass.com is owned and operated by Dan Kimmel.


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