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steve vonbrandt

Congratulations to Manabu Kurita. He is a true trophy hunter dedicated to the pursuit of world record bass like no other. I am proud to say that in the past year he has become one of my closest friends, Another person who helps him a great deal but receives no real credit is Reika Ishaguro who designs his website, communicates his thoughts and wishes to me and others, and also is a great angler in her own right. Manabu and Reika are good friends and you can talk with both of them at my website at Northeast Bass Fishing For Trophy Bass. http://delawaretrophybass.com
Tight lines, and best of luck to all trophy hunters the world over on the next world record. Steve Owner

01/08/10 @ 05:46 pm

Comment from: Luke


Nice post. I really liked it. Don’t forget to update it regularly. I am looking for new updates dying to read more stuff from you.

03/17/10 @ 08:30 am

Comment from: Flats Fishing Fan

Flats Fishing Fan

I enjoyed reading your cool & interesting article. I just love reading anything and everything about fishing. I hope to read more of your very recent articles!!! - Fishing

03/17/10 @ 10:57 am
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