Well, this didn’t go quite the way I personally hoped, but the team did pretty well. Modrak is leading and several other members – Cummings, Peck, Reiter off the top of my head (tired head) had real good weights. I managed a limited plus a few extra, but it was an odd day for me.

Way too nice. Yep, I said it. I can’t recall the last time it was that nice all day on the Northern end of the lake/river. Normally, I love days like this – they are rare on the Great Lakes, but today was odd.

First off, I caught largemouths all day almost everywhere I went in the lake and river including spots I’ve never caught them before. I weighed 2 in. The bass were feeding up high overall and keying in on small minnows. We had no real opportunities for big bass early and few keepers – which is how my practice had been going. But we have to do something in the morning.

Later, the size of the bass started to head in the right direction, but with the bass keying in on the small minnows in a lot of spots, they didn’t always hook up good or fully ‘commit’ to the bait, we I lost 3 better keepers including 1 I had two shots at, and my nonboater partner lost at least 2 good ones. Twice we pulled in on spots to have bass busting. We got 1 only the first time and a double the 2nd.

My partner was from 2nd place Indiana and had a little more weight than me with 4 bass – the team was pre-occupied so they forgot to get after me. So tomorrow, I have a partner from Ohio who is leading his state and antsy about keeping that lead. It should make for an interesting day as I try to figure out what adjustments to make to start getting back on the bigger bass I was catching in practice. And we HAVE to keep the lead!!

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