Well, had to work late every night this week at the ‘day’ job so nothing much prepared. Now comes Saturday and I have a zillion things to do to get on the road for the 2008 TBF Northern Divisional Championship.

A zillion is too many for one Saturday. Sunday would have been a GREAT day to be on the water BUT I have to have my ducks in a row (more jigheads poured with new, sharp hooks, lures found, wet boxes dried out from last weekend, clothes, healthy snacks to keep the head clear, etc. etc.) to feel right about being there and helping the Michigan team win this thing for the home state!! So I didn’t end up here at a really nice hotel until late Sunday.

I’m sure there are plenty of anglers from other states who want to keep Michigan from defending the home front (I’ve already been grilled by a member of another state in the hallway)… you never want to lose on your home turf. It is not a given that you won’t. Tomorrow sounds like a good start early for checking the lake before possible rain, winds and storms come in late (I hope). So off to bed I go for a good start tomorrow. Lets home the big ones are biting and I find a few…

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