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Michigan Bass Season Decision Delayed Until April 9th

Legislation was reintroduced in this new session that would give fisheries order authority back to the Michigan Natural Resources Commission (NRC) early allowing the seven Commissioners to vote on the bass season a month early at the March 19th meeting.

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Public Meetings Coming on Michigan Bass Season Change in July

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) is preparing public meeting schedules and locations for comment on proposed changes to the Michigan bass season.

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Public Act 145 Paves the Way for Longer Michigan Bass Season

The bass season bill Senate Bill 869 was signed by Governor Rick Snyder at 11:06 AM on Tuesday 6/3/2014. SB 869 was filed with the Michigan Secretary of State the same day and assigned Public Act 145 of 2014 with immediate effect.

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MDNR Says Earlier Bass Season Good For Michigan

At the March 20, 2014 Michigan Senate Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Committee hearing on Senate Bill 869, Michigan Department of Natural Resources Legislative Liaison Trevor VanDyke stated the MDNR fully supports eliminating the existing bass season limits from state law because recent science

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Bass Anglers We Need Your HELP for New York Bass Season

The NYS DEC is considering possible regulation changes to increase catch and release bass fishing opportunities. As you should know it has been an extremely long process to get to where we are with the current regulations.