Well… I probably won’t be able to forget today… ever. One part of the ‘fond’ memories of my massive 6 pound catch of 3 measly little squeaker keepers is hauling my nonboater partner back out of the St. Clair River (69 F water) after he took a header off the bow. He was a Ohio bucknut so I made him wear my M Go Blue sweatshirt most of the day while his enter outfit dried out.

This was fairly early in the morning in the North Channel while it was still pretty chilly out. He was worried abou losing his hat, but I knew it would float for a few minutes and found it just downstream of the stearn.

I think the U of M championship sweatshirt was the deal for him because he managed 16 plus on my spot while I managed to miss a half dozen and lose a good one under the boat to my stunning 3 keepers.

I don’t think he really thought I knew what I was doing, but I pointed out at the end of the day that he was leading his state by 10 pounds thanks to my spot and my doggedness in keeping with the spot once the bite turned on.

The good news is two of our team members (Derek Cummings and Mark Modrak respectively) are 1 – 2 in the overall standings and Michigan leads Indiana in the all important (money) team contest by 57 pounds. We should be able to hold on and take the top prize.

So I’m adjusting my own approach for tomorrow to do what I can to make sure we win the state competition. I have an Indiana boy for the 2nd time in 3 days. I have to beat this one. I’ve been waaaayyy too nice to the other two nonboaters. Have to stop the madness! I shouldn’t be ruling out water still at this point, but that is what I seem to be doing. Hopefully, tomorrow I just fish spots with bass actually on them AND I CATCH the bass! Stay tuned…

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