Advertisement has an important goal to provide you meaningful and helpful information so you enjoy your time outdoors to the fullest. In line with our goals, a new page has been created so you can easily find Great Lakes marine weather and related information for your target fishing or boating location.

Just go to to find many key links to National Weather Service marine weather forecasts, reports from weather buoys and stations around the Great Lakes, and weather resources and information from additional sources including The Weather Channel and Environment Canada.

The weather buoys are a helpful resource for wind speed and sometimes wave direction. Always make sure the date and time noted is not out of date though before using that information. Links are broken down by lake and some regions, and also by near shore and off shore forecasts when available since weather in the open lake can differ from near shore weather. You will also find cell and mobile device links you can use on your cell phones, PDAs and similar tools.

The Internet is not an official part of the data stream for the NWS, and all data from these links are provided by other parties so cannot be held responsible for any problems due to inaccurate or missing information. Boaters should always get quality weather information and never rely on one source of any critical information involving safe boating. Anyone who plans on frequently boating on the Great Lakes should obtain a method such as a marine weather radio capable of receiving weather and alerts for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Please be safe and we hope you find these links helpful and useful. Remember to just go to And tell all your fellow boaters and anglers too!

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