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Tournaments, Shows & Related Info


An archive photo from a 1989 Muskegon Lake federation tournament where I took 2nd (I’m lower left). Several great Michigan tournament anglers are shown, but look close - you may recognize an international superstar (standing 2nd from the left - hint: his initials are KVD). Click picture to enlarge

My Tournaments, Shows & Related Info…

This page mostly contains information about tournament I fish and other fishing related events. I have some of my tournament schedule on here along with known show schedules, seminars and other events I’ll be involved in.

There are also links to pages on past seasons. I try to do a season summary about how things went after the completion of each tournament and fishing season. (I did miss 2002 thanks to a hefty work schedule at my new job – I had just enough time to make it to tournaments and head back to work.)


More general interest fishing and tournament information can be found in other sections of the website such as Bass & Tournament Tips; Online Articles, Bass Fishing Forums and other pages available from the links below.

This Season’s Tournaments & Events

2006 Tournament Schedule

2006 should be better than the past two seasons – at least a little. I’m planning on fishing all the MI BFL and maybe a Top Bass or two. Depends somewhat on gas prices again, and you never know how things are going to turn out until they happen. (Click this link to see how I’m doing as the season progresses - How am I Doing This Year):


Date               Tournament                      Location

Jun 10            Wal-Mart BFL                    Burt-Mullett Lakes

Jun 24            Wal-Mart BFL                    Lake St. Clair

Jul 29             Wal-Mart BFL                    Grand River

Aug 26           Wal-Mart BFL                    Detroit River

Sep 9-10         Wal-Mart BFL Super T      Detroit River

Oct 29?          Last Chance Open              Cass Lake


2005 Show/Seminar Schedule

Date        Event / Location                    Description

Jan 13      Ultimate Fishing Show-Novi  I won’t be there this day

                - Seminars 5PM & 7PM         Wayne & Alex Esselink

Jan 14      Ultimate Fishing Show-Novi  I won’t be there this day

                -Seminar 7PM                         Wayne & Dave Misaras

Jan 15     Ultimate Fishing Show-Novi  various areas today

Jan 16     Ultimate Fishing Show-Novi  L. St. Clair Combat Fishing Booth

                - Seminar 1pm Wayne & I      - No Secrets Smallmouth

                - Seminar schedules


Feb 5       Bob Bauer’s Outdoor Wrld    8-10:30 AM me, Wayne & Dave

                97.1 FM radio show               No Secrets book & Lake St. Clair


Mar 10           L. St. Clair Combat Fishing Booth

Mar 11           L. St. Clair Combat Fishing Booth

                - Seminar 2:30 PM                  - Those Crazy Smallmouth, Wayne

Mar 12    Lansing Ctr Fishing Show       L. St. Clair Combat Fishing Booth

Mar 13    Lansing Ctr Fishing Show       L. St. Clair Combat Fishing Booth

                - Seminar schedules                 -


Mar 17       L. St. Clair Combat Fishing Booth

                - Seminar 6PM Main Stage     - Those Crazy Smallmouth, Wayne

Mar 18    Grand Rapids Fishing Show   L. St. Clair Combat Fishing Booth

                - Seminar 6PM Main Stage     - Those Crazy Smallmouth, Wayne

Mar 19    Grand Rapids Fishing Show   L. St. Clair Combat Fishing Booth

                - Seminar 2:30 PM Main Stg  - Those Crazy Smallmouth, Wayne

Mar 20    Grand Rapids Fishing Show   L. St. Clair Combat Fishing Booth

                - Seminar 2:30 PM Main Stg  - Those Crazy Smallmouth, Wayne

- Seminar schedules


Mar 25    D&R Sports Open House      I probably won’t be there this day

Mar 26    D&R Sports Open House      Seminar 2:30 PM today tent.


Mar 29    Eastside Bass Club seminar    Shelby Township location


May 3     Kelloggsville Church Sportspersons Club – evening bass seminar


Aug 13    Crossroads for Youth, Oxford MI – youth fishing event and speech


(Bold dates are the days I was involved in the activity)

From the January 5 Novi Ultimate Fishing Show - I’m demonstrating alternate tube tactics for the 35+ attendees.


Grand Rapids fishing show – we had great crowds thanks to our location and being scheduled between the dock dogs shows.

How Am I Doing This Season – Money Finishes

Check back later. I may not have many chances this year, but I hope to have something listed here…

Date        Event                                       Lake                                        Place        Partner –


Additional Publicity / Activities

Date                        Description

Jun 10, 2005           Article – Lansing State Journal Outdoor page on my 2nd place finish at Top Bass Houghton Lake event

May 27, 2005         Article – Lansing State Journal Outdoor page on my tournament career and goals by Ron St. Germain

May, 2005              Interviewed Oakland Lakefront online article-“DNR considering new bass regulations” by Kevin Elliott

Mar 4, 2005            Interviewed Michigan Outdoor News article-“Statewide bass survey is under way” by Peter Salinas

Aug 10, 2005         Mentioned in Spinal Column Online article-“ Anglers divided on bass season changes” by Kevin Elliott


Tournament Pages from Previous Seasons

2004    - Tournament Season Recap

2003    - Tournament Season Recap

2001    - Tournament Season Recap 

2000    - Tournament Season Recap 



My Favorite Circuit – Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League (BFL)

FLW Outdoors really changed the fishing world since they went all out to create their innovative stepping-stone tournament circuits.


The three graduated levels of competition along with separate boater and co-angler paybacks provide valuable training for anglers who have professional angler aspirations. I especially enjoy the boater – co-angler format that gives the boater complete control over the fishing day and the front of the boat.

You can really test yourself as a tournament angler that way. Co-anglers can get their feet wet and learn many aspects of tournament fishing competition for minimal cost.


If you think you have what it takes to be a successful bass tournament angler there’s just no better vehicle to test it without going all out and paying tens of thousands of dollars to fish national circuits that very few anglers can jump right to affording the cost for very long..

The BFL lets you build the experience and confidence that is so critical to any tournament angler with reasonable cost and without traveling too far. The BFL also gives anglers a great shot at getting publicity and larger prizes through the Regionals and the Wal-Mart BFL All-American.


First place for the regionals most of us fish for is a new truck and new bass boat. First place for the All-American is a whopping $100,000 cash. You could fish a few tournaments with that nest egg.

The All-American is a tournament everyone can enjoy. I had a blast in Hot Springs on Lake Hamilton. Everything was provided for me. Drivers to haul and launch the provided bass boat. All my meals. The hotel room. You name it. We weighed in indoors on the big stage in front of several thousand people. I’ve got to make it back again.

You can also earn priority entry into the various EverStart Series events the following year when you qualify for the Regional from your BFL division. EverStart tournaments have a great payback and a big-time feel for a reasonable entry fee for boaters and co-anglers.

Of course, the marquee series is the FLW Tour. It’s an expensive and highly competitive circuit to fish, but the payback is HUGE - $7.6 million total payback for 2006 including $500,000 to the winner of the Wal-Mart FLW Tour Championship!

I believe this tiered approach to tournament fishing is an excellent training program for the professional tournament angler hopeful, while the boat / co-angler format provides one of the best formats for anglers who enjoy great competition and learning experiences.

If you haven’t fished the BFL and are ready to compete or just want to know more, contact me by email or phone, or post on my BFL forum and I’ll do what I can to help.

Click on the BFL logo above to get information directly from FLW Outdoors including schedules, results and angler profiles. For the BFL, it’s in your best interest to sign up early with a boater if you’re a co-angler, or a co-angler if you’re a boater. That way, you both get to fish in the category you signed up in.

2006 Michigan BFL Schedule                             Event Date             Priority Deadline                 Entry Deadline

Burt-Mullett Lakes The Landings…………….     Jun 10…………… May 23……….………….… May 30  

L. St. Clair…….      Metro Beach…………….      Jun 24…………… Jun 06………….……………Jun 13

Grand River….       Riverside Park……….            Jul 29……………  Jul 11………….…………… Jul 18

Detroit River…….  Elizabeth Park…………….    Aug 26……….…   Aug 8………….…………… Aug 15

Detroit River…….  Elizabeth Pk Super Tourn…. Sep 09-10………    Aug 22………………………Aug 29

Lake Cooper…….  Captain Kirk’s Marina…….  Oct 5-7……….…   Regional – Ft. Madison IA…Off Limits Sep 23-29


**Here it is – the ‘new and improved’ 2006 Michigan BFL Schedule – an earlier start with more variety for all anglers – I think it will appeal to many of you!**



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