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Lots of fishing and outdoor news available by section here including Tournament News, Conservation (including legislation and environmental news) and Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing on our exotic side.

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Bass Stopper pre-rigged worms have been around for decades.
Bass Stopper Worms = KISS!
Stopper worms have made us look like great anglers for years
Bass Stopper worms have been around for decades. One of the biggest reasons they've been around for decades, besides catching tons of bass is KISS. KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid. These pre-rigged worms are about as simple as it gets when it comes to bass fishing. As simple as they are to use, there are still a few tricks that will help you become a more successful angler. Full story »

Lake Superior State University college bass angler Nate Sleight says what college fishing and bass tournaments mean to him
College Fishing
What it Means to Me
Lake Superior State University college bass angler Nate Sleight says what college fishing and bass tournaments mean to him, and how the college bass experience can benefit any aspiring young bass tournament angler. College Bass Fishing »

The Ranger RT 188 was powered by a Yamaha V MAX SHO 115.
Yamaha showcases latest outboards
Latest outboards for bass anglers highlighted
You don't need to sell Chad Pipkens on the importance of a reliable outboard. The second year Bassmasters Elite Series pro from Holt, MI qualified for the 2015 Bassmasters Classic by winning the Sept 4 - 6, 2014 Bassmasters Northern Open on Lake Erie when motor problems delayed the tournament leader on the final day. Pipkens powers his Skeeter FX20 with a Yamaha 250 V MAX SHO. Full Story »

MDNR Legislative Liaison Trevor VanDyke state the MDNR fully supports eliminating the existing bass season limits from state law
MDNR Says Earlier Bass Season Good For Michigan
Senate Bill 869 passes Michigan Senate unanimously
At the March 20 Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Committee hearing on SB 869, MDNR Legislative Liaison Trevor VanDyke stated the MDNR fully supports eliminating the existing bass season limits from state law because recent science has proven that some of their concerns are no longer as large and giving flexibility to the NRC to set an earlier season will be good for Michigan. MDNR statement »

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Which of the 4 proposed bass season options can you support the most?
No change - bass seasons stay the same with a closed season.
CIR Jan 1 until existing regular bass season openers.
CIR Jan 1 until regular Memorial weekend opener - Lake St. Clair moves to Memorial weekend too.
CIR Jan 1 until last Saturday in April. L.P. regular opener is moved to last Sat in April, U.P. reg opener moved to May 15.

Members can take our poll »

Bass Fishing Reports

xx Murphy lake

June 29, 2015, 11:55:10 AM by FrickerDude
unpegged Slip sinker with Pit boss was hot on Saturday. 8a-1pm  30 plus fish day and was still catching em but my buddy had to get home.  sprinkles to light rain most of morning, air temp 58-63 degrees, water temp 75.  Winds of the N to NE 10+ MPH.  ...
2 comments | Write Comment

xx Burt and Mullett Lake June 25 - 28

June 14, 2015, 09:15:25 PM by Ufgator
Headed to these lakes the last weekend in June.   I just would like someone to recommend a boat launch. I've got maps of each just wonder what launch is preferred.   I've got a Crestliner 1650 Fishhawk to launch and the maps really don't describe the...
13 comments | Write Comment

xx Belleville Lake 6/13/15

June 14, 2015, 12:22:38 AM by YpsiBass
Fished Belleville Lake Saturday morning with hollada.  Launched at 7am (forgot the drain plug AGAIN and had to re-trailer again briefly) then headed east from the east launch. Water temps were around 73 degrees. Water clarity was relatively clear for...
5 comments | Write Comment

xx Alcona Dam Pond

June 08, 2015, 01:05:40 PM by Big dreams
This lake is tough to fish!  Two years we have visited this impoundment and two years we had a tough time fishing.  This is probably the prettiest lake I have been too and looks awesome for bass.  Problem is nobody told the bass that!  Fortunately fo...
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More Michigan Fishing Reports »

Lake St. Clair Fishing Reports

xx 06/20/15 Anchor Bay

June 20, 2015, 06:41:22 PM by Hollada
Launched at self ridge  fished 7:00-12:00.  Fished the bay as well as over towards the channel.  caught about a dozen smallies between us.  Probably had 15-16 lbs with one near 5.  Couldn't find a solid pattern.  Caught fish on drop shot, tubes, trap...
2 comments | Write Comment

xx Road Closing on Interstate around St. Clair

June 13, 2015, 11:57:36 AM by Rangerman
Exit ramps closed off from I-75 to I-94 and on up the line without warning from Friday 9 pm to late Sundays :o :o :o :o Made it real hard for a non-local to get up to Harley or any of the ramps and the Hotels. No Detour routes marked. Just a heads...
6 comments | Write Comment

xx Sportsmen's Direct REPORT

June 04, 2015, 08:22:47 AM by raisinrat
After a weekend of rain we have started to get back in the groove again out on the lake. The water had cooled a little thanks to the rain, but has this weekend grows near we should be back in good shape again. There has been a lot of wood kick out...
4 comments | Write Comment

More Lake St. Clair Fishing Reports »

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Views: 23
Filesize: 726.49KB
Date: June 28, 2015, 07:43:09 PM
By: djkimmel

Views: 42
Filesize: 480.31KB
Date: June 28, 2015, 07:29:11 PM
By: djkimmel

Views: 104
Filesize: 530.9KB
Date: May 24, 2015, 06:14:56 PM
By: djkimmel

Views: 92
Filesize: 619.12KB
Date: May 24, 2015, 06:08:38 PM
By: djkimmel

Tournament News
Every young tournament angler shares the same dream - making it pro. But in today's world this dream is often laug..  Read more

A Competition Under The Surface
01/29/2015 03:45 PM
There are a wide variety of sports and competitions that ta..  Read more

Add another name to the growing list of Michigan bass pros making their mark on the..  Read more

The Adrian College Athletic Department announced the addition of Bass Fishing to its athletics roster. The College is the latest to add one ..  Read more

Bass Fishing & Outdoor News
You do not need to sell Chad Pipkens on the importance of a reliable outboard. The second year Bassmasters Elite Series pro from Holt, MI qualified for the 201..  Read more

The National Professional Anglers Association is holdin..  Read more

Effective May 24, 2013, under a new Indiana Department of Natural Resources rule, an umbrella rig, like the Alabama Rig, can now have up to three hooks and unli..  Read more

Cardiac Bass
07/06/2013 02:24 AM
Bedfishing smallmouths is a blast, but for the adrenaline junky in all of u..  Read more

Outdoor Shows News
Nail-biting lumberjack competitions and breathtaking tales about catching elusive 600-pound bluefin tuna in the North Atlan..  Read more

The Kent County Sheriff Department will hold a free Off Road Vehicle Certification Class on Saturday, March ..  Read more

It is that time of year again when sportsmen and sportswomen in West Michigan step up and make a difference for those less fortunate in the community. The Annual Tony ..  Read more

The 42nd Annual Outdoorama, February 26 to March 1 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in ..  Read more

Featured Video / Picture

Pre-rigged plastic worms like this magnum Bass Stopper have been around catching bass for decades.
Pre-rigged plastic worms like this Magnum Bass Stopper have been around catching bass for decades yet many bass anglers still don't give them the fishing attention they deserve. Bass Stopper pre-rigged plastic worms have been catching bass, and continue to catch bass, for as long as I can remember! If you don't include pre-rigged worms in your bass fishing arsenal you should definitely check out the article Bass Stopper Worms = KISS!

Bass Fishing Tips & Articles
Bass Stopper Worms = KISS!
06/30/2015 09:13 AM
The Bass Stopper worm..  Read more

If fishing for smallmouth bass is your passion, summer bass fishing on Lake St. Clair and its connecting waters is the place to be. As the summer bite emerges two trends define the period th..  Read more

Michigans catch and release bass fishing season is finally here and not a moment too soon. The combination of one of the longest coldest winters in..  Read more

Conservation, Environment & Legislation
Warm weather and family gatherings can make the Fourth of July a fun time with great memories. But before you celebr..  Read more

The Department of Natural Resources has announced it ..  Read more

Legislation was reintroduced in this new session that would give fisheries order authority ba..  Read more

The Michigan Senate passed the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act on August 13, a citizen initiative brought to the Legislature by the signatures of almost 300,00..  Read more

Special Features

Grande Giant Mexico largemouth bass caught from Lake Comedero January 2009

Mexico Bass Fishing – The Adventure of a Lifetime!

My first adventure to the Mexican Sierra Madre mountains and Lake Comedero started with the biggest largemouth bass of my life and ended with a bigger one!!! A better script would have been hard to write on purpose. It will be challenging for this writer to put into words what a fantastic trip this remote bass fishing adventure is, but with the help of some pictures I will try.

To travel to a truly remote area unlike anything most of us have been exposed to, you need to put your trip success and trust into the hands of a most experienced outfitter. We chose Ron Speed Jr's Ron Speed Jr's Adventures Read more »

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