Advertisement is very happy to announce Lee’s Global Tackle has signed on as a site sponsor advertiser. Please check them out for the hot overseas tackle everyone is raving about. For a limited time, use code GLB and get a discount on your order on your order over $40!

Lee's Global Tackle has the edge with the finest high quality Japanese tackle and fishing equipment

About Lee’s Global Tackle – the edge that bass fishermen are looking to get, whether it be in tournaments, or just fishing, we are your connection to some of the finest highest quality tackle from overseas that is slowly dominating the US.

We have connections that no one else has other than flying over to Japan themselves and shopping for the tackle. If you cannot find what you are looking for on the site let us know. We will find it and bring it over with our next order. Lee’s Global Tackle usually imports an order every month, but the bigger we are getting we will be bringing it over sooner.

We will soon be offering a Rod Connection to US customers who have been looking at the amazing fishing sticks that have been created by such manufacturers as: Gamakatsu, Shimano Japan, Megabass Japan, Jackall Poison rods, Deps, Evergreen International, and Major Craft. We will take pre-orders with a down payment and in about 2-3 weeks will have the rod in our hand ready for the customer. Lee’s Global Tackle is also working closely with Megabass Japan to offer CUSTOM MADE hand crafted Megabass rods, made to the specs of the customer.

Lee’s is not just a tackle dealer with Japan Tackle. We have a big selection of regular domestic high quality tackle. We offer Gift Certificates with the purchase of most of our G Loomis, St. Croix, and Diawa Rods, which are redeemable on our internet site. We can get any model and you will not find better prices anywhere else. Here at Lee’s we have a special clearance section where we sell Lucky Craft Baits for less than most wholesale, and High Quality bass hooks are sold at wholesale. So check us out, and don’t be afraid to ask about bringing over some secret bass tackle for yourselves.

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