Monday the 19th is almost here and I can hardly wait. I’m fortunate to be heading to the Sierra Madre mountains in search of giant Lake Comedero bass with the guys from NBAA and D & R Sports Center through Ron Speed Jr of Exotic Outdoor Adventures (Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures).

Not a hard decision considering it’s negative 7 degrees outside right now here in the frozen solid mid-Michigan burg of Lansing after having risen to a ‘balmy’ 8 degrees F earlier in the day compared to 79 degrees in our fly-in destination of Mazatlan Mexico.

Snow and cold back home in Lansing, Michigan

Lake Comedero is on the west side of the Sierra Madres about 100 miles NE of Mazatlan. The 20 year old mountain reservoir is very deep, hiding giant largemouth bass. Comedero may possibly be the best bass lake in the world for hooking up with a monster bass on topwater.

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20,000 acres at full pool and full of thorn trees, Lake Comedero is one of the best trophy bass lakes in the world!

The remote location of the lake has kept the fishing for big bass good. And Ron Speed Jr has a great deal of experience hooking trophy bass anglers up with the giants that hide in and around the many flooded thorn trees.

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Our group, consisting of the guys from NBAA and D & R Sports Center, will be piling up the pictures and video of big bass so we can share some of the excitement and experience of exotic trophy fishing that any bass angler would thoroughly enjoy!! (The 80 to 90 degree temps won’t hurt too much either while the icebox sits on the Great Lakes up here :D )

Stay tuned for the follow up reports and results when we return the following week. And check out more information on this awesome trip to break the ice at Exotic Outdoor Adventures (

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