My cousin sent me this article about an angler on a billfish fishing team who told his team mates he had his North Carolina fishing license – a $30 expense for nonresidents. After the team weighed in the winning tournament record 883 pound marlin to win the June 11-19 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, officials found the member did not have his license! The fish and team was disqualified.

No record. No win.

The cost to the team? $999,453 in prize money that went to the 2nd place team instead!!! That is one expensive mistake! I’m betting this person waits a while before the next time he’s asked to go fishing! Even if not done on purpose, this small mistake turned out to be one huge one. Always follow all the rules. Always consider your team mates and the sanctity of sport and sportsmanship. Original story found here

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