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A Day on St. Clair with Dan Kimmel

By David Simmons

Field Promotions Coordinator

Yamaha Marine Power Group


I was back in Michigan again during August 2001 for the Bassmasters and had the chance to get out on St. Clair for a day of fishing with long-time fishing buddy Dan Kimmel of Lansing. The day started out rough and dark, but we managed to boat a few bass and Dan landed one decent Musky. Our persistence paid off with another Lake St. Clair trophy smallmouth. The beautiful 5 lbs. 2 oz. brownie was caught on a shad-colored Right-Bite tube with a 1/2oz head "vertically" jigging a seawall in 22 feet of water. She fought so hard my arms were shaking afterwards.

A hawg smallie like this really tops off a

David Simmons & The Big Smallmouth



great day of fishing on a quality fishery like St. Clair. We had a terrific time discussing fishing, the tournament scene and Yamaha outboards, of course. Dan's understanding of the fish and the market come from years of involvement with local organizations and State agencies.I was lucky to spend a day with him and learn a lot more than just how hard a big smallmouth pulls.Thanks Dan!

Current-swept St. Clair River seawalls can produce some huge smallies with the right presentation like this beauty caught by David Simmons.

For those of you who havenít been fortunate enough to meet David Simmons before, heís an outgoing fellow whoís a friend to all anglers. Heís a pretty good angler too.

David is formerly from Lansing Michigan where he and I met years ago. David did a stint at Bass Pro Shops before moving on to his present post at Yamaha in Kennesaw Georgia. To say heís thrived there is an understatement. Yamaha is in the tournament and fishing motor scene in a big way and David is a driving force behind that. Yamaha motors received the JD Powers awards for customer satisfaction in outboards.

In recognition of Davidís impact for Yamaha Motors, and the fishing industry and tournament scene, he was recently awarded the first ever 6th Man Award. Click here to read about more about this fine honor for a worthy, but ďhumbleĒ person. Itís not difficult to see heís the perfect person for the job and that he loves what heís doing. I know I hope we get to spend another day on the water together sometime in the not-to-far future.



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