What's new at Ranger Boats for 2004
What’s new at Ranger Boats for 2004

Ranger Boats has improved on their already industry leading line of quality fishing and family boats with great improvements during 2004. These improvements may seem overshadowed by the huge introduction of the new Z-Comanche series, but they definitely add value to the very successful existing 500 Comanche series and the new Z-Comanche Series.

Ranger knows how to make trailers having produced over 100,000 since 1978. Very exciting changes have occurred in the new Comanche and Fisherman Series RangerTrail trailers that greatly increase their already legendary quality. Included are considerably brighter L.E.D. trailer lights covered by ultra-tough Lexan that still work even if some diodes break – they last much longer than bulb lights & have a lifetime warranty from the original manufacturer; a really handy new metal foot stirrup between the dual axles; stronger, lighter fenders; heavy duty torsion axles, allowing truly independent suspension; and improvements to the Ranger’s exclusive COOL hub system.

The torsion axles are pressed in under incredible pressure and mean you no longer have to deal with springs. Additionally, adjustments can now be made to the height of the wheels because of teeth where the wheel assembly connects to the axle. The owner can do this adjustment. The self-adjusting disc brake assembly and parts are improved to the point where you can expect much longer life and less difficult maintenance.

You can expect your entire RangerTrail trailer to last longer now with the significant addition of RangerTrail’s new super tough black coating called Road Armour® that makes the entire trailer frame extremely resistant to road damage. “Not only do scratches and chips look bad from an appearance standpoint, but they can directly lead to rust problems,” Hopper said. “Road Armor is applied at a high temperature and adheres extremely well to the surfaces of the trailer and will provide protection that is virtually indestructible when subjected to the normal road hazards.”

Road Armor is normally black, but it can be painted for a custom look for those of us who want to design a unique boat. We tested Road Armor this past December by firing a load of gravel at a piece of treated trailer using Ranger’s homemade ‘gravelometer.’ The ‘gravelometer’ shoots gravel at speeds much higher than normal highway pressure and at a high volume. Within a minute or less, we could chew threw most paint, but we never made it through the Road Armor coating.

I carry a sample piece of trailer painted on one side and treated with Road Armor on the other that was fired on with the ‘gravelometer’ for a full minute in a 1 ½ inch circle with a hopper full of gravel. The paint is gone within most of the circle, but the Road Armor coating is still intact with just a slight dulling in the center that could be shined right back up.

Fender strength is also greatly increased thanks to improvements in the Ranger Closed Cavity Bag Mold (CCBM) process with greater thickness and a higher ratio of fiberglass to resin. The fenders are streamlined and even more attractive to help make your fishing rig the envy of everyone who sees it.

Now is a great time to buy a new Ranger Boat. Ranger often has lucrative incentive packages. See their web site for details on the latest programs. With the best warranty in the business and constant efforts to improve their product, it’s no wonder that Ranger Boats has taken the JD Power highest customer satisfaction award in bass boats for three consecutive years. Ranger really is “building legends…one at a time.” For more information visit or call 1-800-373-2628. If you’d like to see more details on how Ranger Boats are built from start to finish, check out

*Article written for the Michigan BASS Chapter Federation Bass Lines magazine – March 2004 issue.

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