Ranger Boats has some exciting new things for the 2003 boating season. Some are obvious like new boat models, others aren’t so visible, but every bit as important. All improve the quality of their products and what we anglers get out of them.

Almost certainly the most exciting new ‘kid’ on the block for Great Lakes bass anglers is the new Ranger 521VX Comanche.
Almost certainly the most exciting new ‘kid’ on the block for Great Lakes bass anglers is the new Ranger 521VX Comanche.

The 521VX may be the best combination of rough water handling and comfortable fish-ability now available to the Great Lakes bass angler. “At Ranger, we talk a lot about our Five Star Advantage and Signature Quality,” Ranger Boats President Randy Hopper said.  “Our new 521VX epitomizes those standards.” It’s a brand new hull specifically designed to run the big waves smooth and dry, and still streak when the waves aren’t so big.

We had the opportunity to test drive new 521 Comanches with various 225 and 250 HP outboards. What a ride! With a tank of gas and two or three persons, we were hitting GPS speeds of 72 to 75 mph. The boat turned very smooth in sharp maneuvers and stayed flat over boat wakes. Just sitting in the water, the boat was level and stable. The Rite-Track Keel hull design cuts the waves well, and along with the level profile in the water when fishing, minimizes the affect our wonderful winds have on the boat.

The 521 is 21’ 3” long, rated up to 250HP, with a 92 ½” beam. It’s available with single or dual consoles and has twin gas tanks that hold 52 gallons. It also features Ranger’s exclusive pultruded fiberglass transom and pultruded fiberglass floor (there is no wood in any Ranger boat) for the ultimate durability.

The Ranger 521DVX is the ultimate bass fishing machine!
The Ranger 521VX is the ultimate bass fishing machine!

Another feature that makes the 521VX a Great Lakes dream rig – the driver and passenger seats have been moved back. This provides a huge front deck like a 522 in a 1-foot shorter and lighter boat that can still carry a 250 on the back. The rear deck is slightly smaller, but the gain for the rough water angler is worth it. The further back you sit, the less pounding your body takes. Helping even more, Ranger’s new S-R-S soft-ride seats use a spring compression support system that means your spine will no longer feel every big wave. The rougher it gets, the better S-R-S works.

New in 2003 the Ranger Boats 621VS!
New in 2003 the Ranger Boats 621VS!

New Ranger 621VS – For those of you who spend most of your time on Erie and St. Clair, you might want to take a hard look at the new 621VS. At 21 feet 3 inches with a 94 ¾ inch beam and inside depth of 25 inches, the Ranger 621VS will handle the big waves and rough water so common out there. An option that may convince more bass anglers to consider the 621 – you can have a raised back deck dropped in for great bass-ability in a wide, deep big water rig. The 621VS is rated for a 250.

New System: Ranger’s completely sealed, waterproof digital keyless ignition system is state of the art. Enter your 4-digit code on the touch pad and a simple push of a button starts your big motor. Your code activates and de-activates the pad. It also automatically deactivates after 10 hours of inactivity. Many other controls are run off this touch pad along with common controls run from a similar pad in the bow.

Not all features are standard on VS series boats, but they are on the X-treme VX Comanche upgrade. An exciting change that affects all models – the VX upgrade is now available in any Ranger boat including the popular 185. The front fiberglass trailer step is now standard however on all RangerTrail trailers.

Some of the things you won’t see that are equally important are internal manufacturing processes that Ranger has adopted to improve the product even more.  One great idea is an indoor test pool that all boats are hoisted into to check for leaks and proper function of all devices. Your boat doesn’t leave the retooled rigging room until it passes the tank test.

Another really cool new system (especially for us computer persons) at Ranger Boats, is the laser scanning instrument. It’s a laser mounted on a computerized arm that can be rotated around any shape or contour. As you move the laser across an object, its shape is recorded into a computer graphic image program as a 3D graphic object. Ranger can now create exact 3D computer models of everything from lids to boat hulls. Technicians can then manipulate the image for testing and modification.

All electrical harnesses are custom made for each boat in the rigging room. The hull and deck are bonded permanently together using screws with a two-part epoxy. These are some of the reasons why Ranger offers a lifetime warranty to the original owner for the structural parts such as the hull, stringers and transom.

Ranger Boats will pay out record awards in the Ranger Cup programs for 2003. Click this graphic for a complete report.
Ranger Boats will pay out record awards in the Ranger Cup programs for 2003. Click this graphic for a complete report.

Now is a great time to buy a new Ranger Boat. For new boats delivered through March 31st, 2003, Ranger’s Gotcha Covered Boat Show Specials are adding various packages as a bonus to your purchase. Package values range from $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the boat model. Most freshwater models include at least a free custom boat cover and one free year of Genmar’s new FirstMate program – a 24 hour live combination AAA and OnStar that goes beyond just helping you out with boat trouble.

It’s important to also note that Ranger Boats has taken the JD Power highest customer satisfaction award in bass boats for the second year in a row.

Ranger really is “building legends…one at a time.”

Contact me with any further questions about the information posted here, or go to the Ranger Boats web site or call 870-453-2222.

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