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The previous call I received was possibly more disappointing. A father called to say his young son had drawn another veteran boater. Thinking he was in for a good experience - don’t we all expect that most tournament days - his day ended poorly enough to have him questioning whether or not he wanted to continue in bass tournaments.

It was a trailered weigh-in event, so one of the few times where they allow the boater and non-boater to have any time out of sight of each other while the (usually) non-boater goes to get the trailer, leaving the boater alone in the boat.

They had not had a real good day fishing, so neither anglers had a limit. The non-boater had 2 small bass, but 1 really nice one. The boater had mostly smaller bass too.

After retrieving the boat and parking, both anglers got weigh in bags and began getting their bass out of the livewell. Only now, the non-boater had 3 small bass in his well. We’re talking a teenager here, not an adult. He was distressed and did not know what to do.

How could he confront the ‘adult’ and ask him were he larger bass was? How could he protest during basically his first big event against a veteran boater, accusing him of taking his largest bass and weighing it in as his own? In the end, he said nothing and told his father after the weigh in. Very disappointing.

I have to wonder how anyone can live with himself doing something so low and unprofessional as this to a youngster who is just getting started? All I could say is hang in there and please believe the bad ones like this are the exception not the norm.

05/31/09 @ 20:19

Comment from:


People have been hearing more and more of this kind of thing going on. It has actually made me cut back on entering Bass Tournaments because I don’t like having things stolen from me. What has happened to peoples ethics?? Don’t credibility and integrity mean anything anymore?? There becomes a dilemma here about being a “rat” or a “tattletale", etc. and we have inner conflicts about this. I probably myself would not have said anything to the Tournament Director myself however I would never fish that circuit again. I have stopped fishing certain circuits in the past because of this kind of thing. I am not a “rat” and will just adjust my schedule to then find a Tournament Trail with credible fishermen to fish against or with. If that particular fisherman is in that circuit then that would be the first and last time I fish that circuit too. It may come down to not fishing any tournaments at all because it would get to a point that none of them are credible circuits because of the kind of people that not necessarily run them but the kind of people that fish them.

BD :-)

06/05/09 @ 08:58

Comment from: dartag


i say report him. let the director sort it out. if the event is big enough they will have a polygraph available.

I really like the One on One series. 8 hours alone in my own boat. only one to blame if i have a bad day is me.

07/15/09 @ 12:40

Comment from:


I fished the one Top Bass back in 2005. I really enjoyed it for similar and many reasons. I would like to try one or two of the One on Ones also when I next get a chance.

07/15/09 @ 13:15
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