UPDATE: The video service is no longer available.

Been wanting a new and better video service for some time. I like watching videos sometimes, especially fishing videos. Nice for us frozen Northerners this time of year. Many of these videos are now very well done and educational! I think I may have found a great option to make it easy and convenient for you, and hope you’ll check it out and agree at or

There are already tens of thousands of videos in predefined categories you can easily choose at the top right or along the right edge. These are powered by the zillions of videos already on YouTube including the GreatLakesBassdotcom channel.

You can also easily upload your own videos to the GreatLakesBassdotcom channel if you like, or if you already have your own channel and think our fellow members and visitors will like it, just Contact Us and we’ll consider adding it to our selection.

For more details, check out the instructions and complete story under What’s New on the forum.

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