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MadWags Memorial Members Bass Fishing Tournaments
Spring & Fall Events Open to All Members of GreatLakesBass.com

2011 Fall MadWags Memorial members' tournament west Big Ugly winner TheFishinPollock fished with first-time tournament angler – his Mom – on Skegemog Lake when he retrieved a Greenwing Teal shot by one of the many hunters out banging away on opening weekend. Since no one else brought anything in, he was awarded the Big Ugly prize after Mom reported his is a good son!

TheFishinPollock pulled off 
something new to the GreatLakesBass.com members' tournaments when he won the Big Ugly award on Skegemog Lake October 2, 2011 with a non-fish species 
capturing a Greenwing Teal duck

Next Event:  Spring MadWags 2013, May 11 / Lake St. Clair – Details »

Dave MadWags Wagensomer with a Lake St. Clair smallmouth bass caught during the spring 2009 MadWags Memorial Members Tournament

The MadWags Memorial Members Tournament (formerly DK Open) is a bi-annual bass tournament open to all GreatLakesBass.com members. Boaters and nonboaters are randomly paired up to fish as a team for the day. The Spring MadWags Memorial East is a paper tournament on Lake St. Clair! The Fall MadWags Memorial West is held on the west side of Michigan at different lakes. The primary purposes of the MadWags Memorial events are for members to meet while doing what we all love best, and to honor the memory of a favorite member - MadWags - who passed away unexpectedly March 8, 2011! Visit the MadWags Memorial message board for full details and to join in!

Fall MadWags West Results, Pictures Now Up
Read the official results from the September 30, 2012 Fall West MadWags Memorial on Skegemog Lake

The husband and wife team of TackleThis! 
and Mrs TackleThis! Deb caught a limit of smallmouth bass weighing 11.44 pounds to win the 2012 Fall West MadWags Memorial Members tournament on 
Skegemog Lake

The husband and wife team of TackleThis! and Mrs TackleThis! Deb caught a limit of smallmouth bass weighing 11.44 pounds to win the 2012 Fall West MadWags Memorial Members tournament on Skegemog Lake!


thedude with one very 
fat 4.29 pounds Elk Lake smallmouth bass caught October 2, 2011 during the Fall west MadWags Memorial tournament

thedude, styling as always, with a super fat 4.29 pounds Elk Lake smallmouth bass caught during the fall west 2011 MadWags Memorial members' tournament on October 2nd!

Repeat Big Ugly winner bassfan586 does it again at the 2010 Fall MadWags Memorial members' tournament 
this time with a huge White Lake sheephead of 10 pounds

GreatLakesBass.com member bassfan586 shows why he is a Big Ugly award repeat champion with a huge 10 pounds White Lake sheephead he caught during the fall 2010 west MadWags Memorial members' tournament!

Fall DK Open 2007 champs djkimmel & fowlmouth with other members enjoying great fall bass fishing

2007 Fall DK Open Champs djkimmel & fowlmouth hold up part of their fall limit while Durand Dan looks on with MIBassKid in the bacground. Fall bass fishing in Michigan can be awesome. Regardless, it beats a day sitting home watching football!

The coveted DK Open other 'junk' fish award is fiercely fought here with a bunch of St Clair sheephead

The DK Open members' tournament is all about fun. Here, members vie for the coveted other 'junk' fish prize for the biggest non-bass weighed in - a bunch of Lake St. Clair sheephead in this case. Sheephead and Northern pike are often the winning fish.

Articles /Info on the DK Open

MadWags Memorial Champions Trophy
Check out the list of past MadWags Memorial Champs on our online virtual plaque.

2012 Spring Results & Pictures
See all the fun members have in the 2012 spring MadWags Memorial East held on Michigan's Lake St. Clair.

MadWags Memorial Open – Latest Forum Posts

xx 2017 East MadWags Memorial Lake St. Clair May 20 Results

May 20, 2017, 08:52:34 PM by djkimmel
22-12 wins 2017 MadWags Memorial LSC for markgoetsch and Mcfish

Mcfish teamed up with boater markgoetsch to sack 5 Lake St. Clair smallmouth bass weighing 22...
12 comments | Write Comment

xx 2017 East MadWags Lake St Clair Draw

May 19, 2017, 08:05:08 PM by djkimmel
Boater (9)           Non-Boater (10)
VinceR ..............Fishmike
Revtro ..............bigjc
FrickerDude .........Mojo
bob o ...............djkimmel
triton22 ...............
4 comments | Write Comment

xx 2017 spring May 20 MadWags Pizza order?

May 18, 2017, 12:03:57 PM by djkimmel
Does everyone (or most everyone) still want pizza for lunch after the fishing? Would like a headcount of who is still in before I go ahead with it.
10 comments | Write Comment

xx 2017 MadWags Memorial Members Tournament East Sat MAY 20 Lake St Clair Signup

May 04, 2017, 05:22:14 PM by djkimmel
2017 MadWags Memorial Members Tournament East Sat May 20 Lake St Clair Signup

2017 Spring MadWags Memorial Members
Bass Tournament East
67 comments | Write Comment

xx 2017 Mad Wags Pizza Sign Up List.

April 22, 2017, 06:41:22 PM by dartag
NOTE: A new post will be created shortly since the May 6 MadWags is CANCELED due to small craft advisory. It appears someone else will need to volunteer (please) to take this on? Dan
33 comments | Write Comment

xx 2017 East MadWags LSC May 6 CANCELED see new post

April 22, 2017, 05:16:50 PM by djkimmel
5/4/2017 6:02pm

The 2017 MadWags Memorial East Members Tournament for this Saturday, May 6th has been CANCELED due to small craft advisory in effect today through Sunday...
67 comments | Write Comment

xx Mad Wags Memorial Food.

April 14, 2017, 09:26:40 AM by dartag
Guess we better get this started.    Everyone up for Hot Dogs or try something new.   We could do lunch meat and make sandwiches.  Either way I will bring.  Feel free to post and I will update the lis...
20 comments | Write Comment

xx Don Laporte Wins the Bassmaster Classic DK Open Contest.

March 26, 2017, 08:13:00 PM by dartag
Guess it was meant to be.   Because no one picked the winner I assigned everyone a number.  Used the online random number generator and the winner is.

Don Laporte     He had Kennedy who fi...
11 comments | Write Comment
Spring DK Open 2008 picture of all participants, members of GreatLakesBass.com

What it's all about – a picture of all the participants at the 2008 spring DK Open East members' tournament. Members work as a team and then celebrate together at the end of the day with a little winnings and lot of great donated sponsor prizes!

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