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In response to: Another exciting thing to look forward to in the Amazon - barking piranhas!

Comment from:

One more thing we have to look forward to in January 2012 on our next peacock bass fishing adventure on the mighty Amazon!

10/14/11 @ 07:07 pm

In response to: Uncontacted Tribe's Existence In Amazon Confirmed By Brazil

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Just one of the amazingly cool things about the Amazon! It is so big, there are still tribes there that have no contact with the outside world, living as they have for centuries! Last time I was there, we never saw one plane go over during the entire fishing trip. Can you imagine that? From the air, as far as I could see, nothing but rain forest! You owe it to yourself to go at least once!

06/24/11 @ 04:18 pm

In response to: We still have a few openings for Week Two of Peacock Bass 2012 HURRY!

Comment from:

Two GreatLakesBass.com members, along with a fishing friend of one of them, now traveling with me to the MIGHTY Amazon River and the world’s biggest peacock bass - the baddest freshwater fish!!

06/24/11 @ 01:45 pm

In response to: Amazon Alive

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Having been to the amazing Amazon River and endless rainforest, I am counting the days until I return and reading anything I find about the vast variety of exotic life found there!

11/19/10 @ 11:37 pm