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Comment from: Mark Gomez

Mark Gomez

Nice report. Glad you were able to get the truck fixed at a low cost. How often does that happen?

What was the name of the little lake?

Also, did you throw a few casts at salmon below the dam?

10/22/08 @ 08:59

Comment from:


First time I’ve ever had a fuse blow and keep my truck from shifting. I didn’t even know a simple fuse could do that? Feel kind of stupid, but I guess I don’t know everything…

I could have been out on that lake all afternoon after just a couple minutes if I had known. I know now! Long Lake was the lake. Kind of pretty. Small and narrow. The ramp was kind of flat - probably backing in so far is what blew the fuse. But it was deep enough to launch my big Ranger Boat.

If I’d of had 2 more days up there, I would have spent Monday in a smackdown with all those smallies that were coming in to the shallows. Then maybe half a day below the dam for some multi-species.

10/23/08 @ 21:55
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