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Sorry for your loss. Prayers go out to you and your family.

09/13/08 @ 06:00

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Thanks Brian.

My father-in-law has been very ill and his time was short according to medical people, but we had the impression we had weeks, not days. Everyone was caught off guard. He passed away very early Friday morning but I did not find out until I was leaving the ramp Friday afternoon. I found out last night that my cell phone is shutting itself off - I thought I forgot to turn it on, but in the middle of talking to Wayne, it shut off again, and then 2 more times. I thought I forgot to turn it on. Guess not.

I have no idea how the day would have gone if I had got the message when I got up in the morning instead. My voice mail popped up right after I hung up from talking to my wife Angie. I know I went from being fairly happy to the opposite in a minute.

There’s tournaments… and then there’s LIFE.

09/13/08 @ 18:31
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