I am a guy that grew up in a household w nothing but American vehicles in my garage, mostly GM cars to be specific. I was taught as a kid that driving foreign vehicles were not even an option. Watching these last 4 months in the Automotive sector has made my stomach turn. I shed a tear the minute I heard John Rich sing that awesome song that captivated my heart. He really brought his life and deepest feelings into that song “Shutting Detroit Down”.

About 4 years ago I bought a foreign car, and it just never felt right. I made that mistake one time and took our American automotive heritage for granted. I repeat, 1 time. The best part about making a mistake is learning from it. It doesn’t matter if its hunting season, fishing season, or just heading to work, I drive American. In today’s climate, I can only imagine the discomfort and embarrassment in someone that loves this country and its heritage must feel when they pull up at a traffic light, or go to park and they are driving a foreign car. That is one type of shame that I will NEVER FEEL again, I drive American!

Nobody can build trucks like the Big 3. Personally, I roll around in a Silverado and my wife drives a Tahoe, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether you are driving a Ford, Dodge, or a Chevy you should be proud to be driving American. I like feeling good about the truck I drive, and I like knowing that no matter if its 20 degrees and snowing, pouring rain, or a bright sunny day, my American truck gets me where I want to go every time.

The last thing we can afford is anymore long term damage to our economy. A healthier Auto industry equates to a healthier country. A healthier country is a safer country, a happier country, and a stronger country. It is okay to make mistakes from time to time, heck I owned one of those “other” vehicles like I admitted, however admitting your mistake and accepting it is the start to a better day! Outdoorsmen, non outdoorsmen, it is time to be patriots of this great country, it is time to be American baby!

– A Concerned Sportsman

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