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The Legend of Uncle Silty

  (or why it pays to have famous, talented friends)
by Dan Kimmel

GreatLakesBass.com Bass Fishing humor article The Legend of Uncle Silty with original artwork by Scales and Tales artist Bill McElroy

Okay. So maybe this won’t qualify as a real legend, but how many guys know someone who says they’d take a bullet sinker for you???

Well, so far I only know one, but the quality of the person has to count for at least several other people. He’s none other than the famous Bill McElroy (or Mac to those of us he’d take a bullet sinker for…)!

If you don’t know who Mac is, you must have just returned from a long stay in Uzbekistan (or some other small city in Indiana). Mac is, of course, the famous cartoonist (and humorist, father, angler and eater of spicy chicken wings) who draws Scales and Tales! Soon to surpass Disney in its impact on fans everywhere!

The ‘Legend’ began long ago, in a galaxy far, far away… oops, different story. Actually, it began on the Lake St. Clair network while I was once again deciding to get something – anything – that might possibly keep me from being pulled over, detained, deported and/or generally safe from incarceration in a foreign country – the dreaded I-68 form.

Mark M, who truly enjoys making fun of my float’n’fly bobbers (I might have stopped using it a long time ago, but it brings him such joy) and my adventures with law enforcement, instead of giving me some dignity by thinking a movie about my adventures would be similar to a National Lampoon (I could handle Chevy Chase playing the part of me – we have similar grace), said it would be more like “The World According to Carp!”

For some reason, The World According to Carp theme had me thinking of Bill ‘Mac’ McElroy (on the left in photo) and all his other cool characters (Clay the clam is still my favorite). Mac, the genius that he is, immediately proclaimed, “ You're new Delta Tau nickname is: "Uncle Silty"... And so now, I’m Uncle Silty (and since I can’t draw, Mac had to create Uncle Silty for me).

Actually, Uncle Silty and I do kind of look alike (especially before 10 in the morning and at least 3 cups of coffee).

See another example of original artwork in my article on How Not to Fish Team Tournaments (– a day I’m just now starting to forget all these years later).

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