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Latest Comments

In response to: Show time! The Ultimate Sport Show—Grand Rapids 2011 is March 17-21

Al Errington

Grand Rapids Ultimate Sport Show is a great fishing and outdoors show. We have a booth in the show again this year for our train in fishing lodge in Northern Ontario Canada, Erringtons’ Wilderness Island. We look forward to it again. Great crowd, great exhibits and great location in downtown Grand Rapids.

01/18/12 @ 12:25 pm

In response to: Super Bass Clinic at the Ultimate Fishing Show Detroit!

Comment from: scott henderson
scott henderson

Don was excellent-great practical tips that could be immediately used. We were disappointed with the “free gifts"- a tee shirt and a coule of bags of plastics don’t add up to near $25 in value. Drawing was pretty poor as well-mostly inexpensive stuff that most anglers would not be buying. Don did a great job promoting the product that he used and I know that there were many sales after the talk by the vendors who carried his stuff. I personally purchased one of the spinning reels. So, the venders that supplied his gear should have ponied up more practical/useful gear for the bags and the raffle.

01/15/12 @ 10:12 am

In response to: Family fun abounds at Ultimate Sport Show, March 17 to 20

Comment from: Family Activities
Family Activities

I’ve always found that fishing a boating are a great souce of family fun and entertainment.

04/08/11 @ 09:08 am