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Seminars We've Seen

Started by WayneC, January 10, 2010, 09:12:21 AM

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I actually don't get to "see" a lot of seminars but I do introduce seminar speakers on my stage.  I've enjoyed talking with Jon Bondy about his approach to musky fishing. Richard Holm has a really neat seminar about color and depth which includes real field work with color and photography at different depths.  He even has a rig with various fishing lines on it they view at different depths to see how the different lines show up.  Jim Bedford has a different approach to trout and steelhead that would be similar to power fishing for bass and produces different results than the ordinary approach to steelies in the river.  Bob Brunner has gotten a great response from audiences who really want to spend time with someone who has been there and done it.  It a real special time when Bob takes the stage.  Lance even made an appearance at Stage C and as always had the audience riveted to his Sonar and GPS seminar.  Talking with Capt. Scott Shelagowski has been an education and his audience has to be getting a real close look at Michigan Steelhead in the River and Capt. Mike Veine has a super presentation on "Great Lakes Salmon Fishing" that looked like a seminar anyone who is interested in fishing at all would like.

What did everyone else see?


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I was only there for a few hours Thursday with my wife but we were able to catch Lance Valentine's seminar on jigging the Detroit River for walleyes. I have to say it was one of the most informative, easy to understand seminars I have ever been to. My wife was even interested in it! She said afterwards that she thought she could hit the river and catch them with the info we learned.

Unfortunately that was the only seminar we had time to see. I was supposed to go back on Saturday but ended up working all day. I was disappointed that I could not go back, there were others I wanted to attend.

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I was able to catch Doug Samsal and KVD throwing the King Shad around lake ultimate. Doug was talking smallies on St. Clair. Gave a lot of information that would help people that haven't been out on the lake before and would point people in the right direction. The seminar was pretty basic but there were a few things that I picked up that I think I'll give a try.
KVD was selling the King Shad but he really is a very personal guy and tries to answer any and all questions.
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We caught Don Watts talking about jerk baits.  Based on the photos in his presentation and the hands on baits he passed around I'm going to beat him in his own spots throwing his baits!  LOL!!  Just kidding Don.  But I did find his presentation very informative.

Also caught KVD tossing spinnerbaits and swimbaits on Lake Ultimate.  Was not impressed with the guy who took the mic and proceeded to ask about 5 questions, all the while arguing with KVD about spinnerbait tactics on the Dt. River.  Come on man... you really going to argue with the spinnerbait king of bass fishing??  Really?????
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I missed that... I did get to see about 8 minutes of one of KVD's seminars right at the end of Saturday evening. And for the record, I pretty do whatever KVD says to do now ;D

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