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Author Topic: Site Sponsors at the 2010 Ultimate Fishing Show!!  (Read 1562 times)

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The companies that choose to support are the main reason I can keep the site going and growing. Things would be incredibly slow, small and boring around here without them. As I sometimes ask you, in exchange for this free site, please consider these companies and thank them whenever you get a chance - the Ultimate Fishing Show is a great opportunity to check them out and get to know them better!!

Wonderland Marine West - You can't miss WMW with all the boats and signs; And they were site sponsor Number 1!! Make sure you say hi to FOB - Ralph Blasey during the show and check out those beautiful bass boats!!

Mikes Rx Baits - Owner (and pharmacist) Mike Broge has an amazing selection of top of the line bass baits at his booth, many hard to get lures you won't find at almost any other shop in our region!

Grandt Rods - You won't be able to miss the huge, extensive display of quality fishing rods and reels Jim Grandt has at the show; make sure you give MadWags - David Wagensomer - a nudge too when you stop by; And check out this member exclusive deal from Grandt Rods

Case Plastics - Not sure where Jim and Tom will be yet, but I'm sure they'll be at one or two booths with their extensive line of bass tackle and tools including the very useful O-wacky tool (I have mine)!!

Nemesis Baits - McCarter and company should be there somewhere. As soon as I find out the exact booth, I'll update the post. I think Nemesis has the best gobies on the market. Custom colors and lots of attention to detail in their line of baits.

P-Line - there won't be a P-Line specific booth but expect to see the good shops carrying the best line. I have it on all my reels. HALO is my favorite. Their super line Spectrex is also top quality. Check out their web site to see the large variety of fishing tools and other items they carry besides the best fishing line!! And look for their generous rebate offer wherever you find P-Line.

Downriver Bass Fishing and Tightlines Tackle - River Rat / Scott Taylor is the newest sponsor to sign on and help support the site. At least Friday and Saturday I know where his baits samples and person will be... in booth 2355 under the banner. I'll have a web link enabled to the Downriver Bass Fishing store as soon as he is ready.

I don't believe any other site sponsors will physically be at the Ultimate Fishing Show, but please check out to see who is making possible.

I will have some information at the booth including brochures from Exotic Outdoor Adventures!! One of the best decisions I've made in fishing was to say yes last year to that trip with the guys from NBAA and D&R Sports down to Mexico's Lake Comedero!!! What an adventure!! Please ask me about my next adventure - the Rio Negro and GIANT Tucanaré!!! (Peacock Bass of course ;D) I'll be leaving January 16th so I may have a hard time concentrating this week at times. Maybe I'll need a nudge or too?

As I get booth numbers and more specifics, I will update this information including adding any information I find I'm missing. You can ask me about other stuff too like the world leader and ultimate bass boat insurance agent - Bob Luellen at Worldwide Marine Underwriters; the best and award winning boat care products you really need to save time and take better care of your fishing rig -; your online source for exotic lures - Lees Global Tackle - awesome lures!; the place to get your next car or rig to haul your fishing boat - Benchley's Buick Pontiac GMC - I got my Pontiac Vibe from them!; and for all of you westsiders, don't forget Matteson Marine - I love going to their annual winter open house - very nice family owned business!!

Also, I want to point out the companies that have helped me enjoy my fishing so much more over the years also making an impact on the success of - Wayne Carpenter / F.I.S.H. and Extreme Bass Tackle will have a large booth at the Ultimate Fishing Show with some awesome new baits!; Ranger Boats, Yamaha Outboards - plenty examples of those two great companies at the show!; Flint Sign & Design for every kind of sign your business will ever need!; D&R Sports Center - Home of RVD, JVD and KVD!!; and Deka Batteries - who I believe will be at the show - the confidence these products give me can't be measured!

Help stop invasive spcies. Don't move fish between unconnected bodies of water. Clean, drain and dry your boat before launching on another water body.
Unless clearly stated as such, opinions expressed by Dan Kimmel on this forum are not the opinions or policies of The Bass Federation of Michigan.
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