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Author Topic: Lake Erie report 5-2-09  (Read 3686 times)

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River Walker

Lake Erie report 5-2-09
« on: May 03, 2009, 12:30:29 PM »

 I fished Erie again yesterday and had a banner day on both the smallies,and quite a few nice largies.I launched at Mazurik's and headed out to waters near South Bass Island.The lake had a small chop of around 1' or less,the winds(at first)were light and out of the SW.The water was very stained for the first 3 miles,and cleared up just a bit as I got closer to the island.The smallies weren't where they were last week,at least they weren't biting where they did last week.I cruised right in close to Perry's Monument and started hitting smallies regularly in water that was only 3 foot deep.They wanted nothing to do with the usual fare like tubes,Senkos,spinnerbaits or even jerkbaits.I tied on a SK Redeye Shad and caught a couple real quick,but the lure kept coming back in with a ton of scum on it when it didn't have a fish on.I quickly tied on a little Bandit 100 in the spring craw pattern and this worked real well to say the least! I could run this lure at about 2' or less depending on retrieval speed,so I was able to keep it out of the bottom scum and in the smallmouth's crosshairs.I caught 34 smallies from that general area just running the boat up to the Coast Guard dock and drifting back through the sweet spot,and kept repeating the tactic.Not one other boat within sight,at least not bassers.Never even found any sheepies either which was really sweet! The winds started to really howl by this time,and with it they brought a ton of muddy water with them.So with that,I decided to head back to the mainland and play with the green bass for a spell.I tried the pierheads off West and East Harbors and caught a couple.Both of these spots were very muddy,so I decided to head east a few miles and try the area around Marblehead Lighthouse.The first marina I pulled into I hit a largemouth Bonanza! I caught 17 from that spot all on a 4" tube.I tried another couple of marina's without success and figured on calling it a day.Once I got near Mazurik,I decided to give Shrock's a shot,and was rewarded with my biggest bronzeback of the day,a beautiful 6lb.10oz. beast,weighed on very reliable scales.I'm pretty sure that smallie will go down as the biggest I've ever caught from Ohio waters.Called it a day after that,final tally was 37 smallie,and 19 largemouth-very good day considering the muddy water just about everywhere.One funny thing was every smallie I caught yesterday was very dark,almost black in a couple of instance's,while last weekend they were all very light,almost pale.Guess a week of the heavy mud made them change their camo-lol!


Re: Lake Erie report 5-2-09
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2009, 07:47:16 PM »

I have never fished around the Bass Islands.  I got to get down there.  Everyone I have ever talked to has had great days of 30+ fish or more.  All huge......or should I say top quality.  I have always said that if you want big fish go to Erie.  If you want numbers go to St. Clair.  As soon as I get my trim motor repaired, I'm heading out there.  Again a great report River.  Thanks.

BD          ;D
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River Walker

Re: Lake Erie report 5-2-09
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2009, 11:14:42 AM »

 Try in Put-In-Bay,the eastern side of South Bass,the extreme NE tip of Kelley's Island,right off the airstrip on the eastern side of Kelley's and the western side of Rattlesnake Island.All are very good right now,providing the water clears up a bit.Most of the smallies I've been catching have been running between 3lb-4lb.,with enough 5lb. and bigger to get your adrenalin flowing.
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