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Author Topic: Looking for a few ramps in SW Rivers are safe and good fishing.  (Read 1036 times)

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Looking for a few ramps in SW Rivers are safe and good fishing.
« on: November 09, 2018, 06:40:32 PM »

I have decided to fish alot of Michigan Rivers with my bassboat or 16ft. Aluminum. I am looking for quiet safe, slow moving water with decent Bass fishing. I hope you can share River or tributary and closest town. I should be able to find a ramp. I am trying to stay away from weekend crowds and share the fun of catching smallies with my older son and wife and the peace and quiet of a River instead of the craziness of my Sister's lake on a weekend. Any general spots(areas) you can share would be great.


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Re: Looking for a few ramps in SW Rivers are safe and good fishing.
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2018, 03:46:27 PM »

St. Joseph River has both kinds of bass throughout. Fishing can be tough in the summer in stretches. There's some deeper stretches near dams, and shallower stretches further out. People fish it all the way well into Indiana for bass. I don't have hardly any experience fishing far from Lake Michigan.

The St. Joe mouth area for a few miles from Lake Michigan can have some big smallie 'runs' spring and fall. The one challenge being some of the ramps in those areas are not known for safety. One friend I know leaves his truck unlocked and nothing of value in it. Not my preferred idea of peaceful, safe fishing but I have enjoyed fishing it with him a couple times though my timing hasn't been right to really hit it when the fishing is hot - we've still caught some. The window can be small and moving for the big catches.

I haven't ever fished the Paw Paw River. Don't know if it is boatable and/or how much. Comes off the St. Joe and heads north.

Never fished the Black River in South Haven or further inland. I would imagine it has some fish. Just don't hear much about it.

Never fished the Kalamazoo River in Saugatuck either but the mouth has been a known smallmouth bass hot spot forever. I imagine it is best during spring and fall but people fish it all the time. A number of bass tournaments have been won over the years by smallies caught near the mouth. Always been told it fishes small.

There are bass throughout the Kalamazoo all the way to Morrow Pond east of Kalamazoo. Don't know how much of it is boatable. It was overall considered to be tough and slow but there are better areas. Lately, I have heard quietly that more anglers are fishing more of it on purpose. I think long-time cleanup efforts have improved the fishing throughout it. That's what I hear.

Don't know or hear much about the Macatawa River? Macatawa Lake is generally pretty tough and slow though there are some good bass in there. I've been there when it seems boat-traffic-wise like a mini Lake St. Clair. Just don't know if you can access the river or what's in it?

Pigeon Lake in Port Sheldon used to be considered a smallie hot spot years ago. There's still both bass in it but the fishing isn't fast and furious at times. I think spring and fall are probably better though I haven't fished it in quite a while, and only fished it a handful of times. Don't hear much about the Pigeon River. It's smaller and shallow past the lake. Don't know how boatable it is or if it is boatable? I do know it is popular with kayakers.

Some bigger and more popular rivers north of that but don't know if that ends up out of your interest area? I really enjoy fishing rivers though I don't do it as much now as I used to. Haven't wade-fished in a long time... used to do it quite often.

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