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The 79th Annual Ultimate Sport Show - Grand Rapids is March 7 - March 10, 2024 at DeVos Place. Over 4 acres of fishing and hunting gear, outdoor travel, fishing boats and seminars!
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Why I'm here.

Started by Revtro, June 15, 2018, 09:30:06 PM

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In my book, when it comes to fishing there's nothing better than meeting cool people and learning from each other.  Since becoming a part of GLB so many years ago in 2005, I've been blessed to make some great friends. 

Thinking back to the early days, I recall starting a club and meeting guys like Basscat (Mark Hill).  This dude taught me everything I know about boats.  I am constantly telling people I take on the boat how I spent years fishing with Mark and how he'd constantly give me input about how to run and trailer a boat.  If it wasn't for him, I'd have learned everything the hard way. 

Another guy I have been blessed to know is Jack Cahn (YukonJack).  Jack's just a cool guy to know. He's a great guy to spend a day on the water with.  A great conversationalist and heck of a fisherman.  We have both went through some pretty major boat changes over the years so we have a lot in common there.  LOL

Oh then there's MOJO.  You won't find a more fun guy to fish with.  I lovingly refer to him as a spazzz and if you've been in a boat with him, you know what I mean.  His youthful exuberance and excitement about the sport is contagious.  I love it.  He's the master of the pink bait.  He's become a good and trusted friend over the years and I'm grateful to know him.  Just whatever you do, don't believe him when he says "this is the last cast". 

I got to fish with a Christian brother named BigJC last year finally after knowing him many years.  I love it when you get to fish with someone of like faith and get to openly share your love of Christ.  That was a cool day.  And we caught em big which was an awesome bonus.

YpsiBass (Rick) and I have had some adventures...that's an understatement.  But we never run out of stuff to chat about and it seems like every time we get together, which isn't that often, it's like the last time was just yesterday.  He's always so appreciative of getting out on the water which makes me feel good when I can get him out on the big water.  In my boat of course and we will PRAY first...LOL

Plus as of late I've gotten to invite some new guys out on the water.  I got out with red68prostreet (Mark) who was a great guy to spend the day with.  I felt like I made a new friend that day.  Same with Steve from Arizona (Salmon Stud) who was up here this past week.  We got out together on Wednesday and really hit if off.  There was never a dull moment.  Not only did we catch em pretty good, he's a solid Christian guy.  That day was full of salt for sure.  I really appreciated his openness about the gospel and his faith.  You two guys are welcome on my boat any time you're in town.

Got out with Dan Hollada last week since he's still waiting for his new boat.  We managed some good fish and had great conversation all day.  Dan's a heck of a stick and taught me the Ned Rig for which I am extremely grateful because that's been the ticket lately!  I can't wait to get on the new Cat and watch that Ultrex in action. 

God really blessed me when He brought Wayne Carpenter into my life.  He is the genuine article.  I don't mean just fishing. His life is a living testimony of God's amazing grace and love.  He really inspires me and has taught me so much over the years about catching bass.  We've had some great days on the water in years past, but recently he started coming to my church and blessing us with his amazing musical ability.  The guy's got an amazing heart for people and is one of the most talented musicians I've ever jammed with.  No joke.  If anyone reading this ever gets the chance to come to my church on a Sunday and listen to our band, you'll see what I mean.  I know very few people that I would put into his class when it comes to godliness and integrity.  He's a great example for new Christians to follow.  I'm thankful to know this brother for sure. 

Fiker, Dartag, SethV, Stackenem, Mikballa, BigDog, and more...if it weren't for GLB I wouldn't know all of you.  Fiker, remember that time you thought you were snagged and brought up a rod and reel?  Dartag and I won a tourney together thanks to his skillz. 

Not everyone I've met on GLB would agree with this, but I fully believe in divine meetings.  I believe God has coordinated these friendships for a variety of reasons.  Some are for me, some are for them.  I just know God is good and I thank Him for every relationship I've made from GLB.  A lot of guys have moved on and you don't see them here any more, but even those relationships were great for a season. 

A lot of thanks go to Dan Kimmel.  Way back in the day, Dan decided to create this place where great lakes fishermen could gather together.  One day I approached him about creating the Christian Angler board and he was willing to do it.  GLB and this board have a TON to offer and I hope it re-grows because I can't imagine being an angler and not knowing all you guys.  I refer to you often to my wife as "my fishing buddies".  I can't think of a better term to describe the guys and gals I've met here.  And I thank the Lord for these divine appointments.

Anyway, that's why I'm here.
Tom  <><

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There was the time with you that i hooked and brought up a cheap rod and reel.  Almost a year to the day we were back in the same spot and i brought up a broken G Loomis rod with a shimano curado super free on it.   
I got a new rod from Loomis for $50 and traded the reel to Bender for a map chip.
I still use that rod for all my cranks and top water lures. 
It was through Wayne that I met Mark Hill as well.
Once when working Wayne's booth Mark told me about the DownRiver Bass Club.  I've been in that club now for almost ten years. Mark is also a brother.
God places folks in our paths. I'm convined that there are no coincidences nor chance meetings.  There are only God moments and people we are supposed  to share Him with.
So much water.  So many lures.  So little time.

Member of  Downriver Bass Association 734.649.9390


So true. 

Funny, I forgot about that first rod and reel.  That was freaky.  I remember you cleaning that reel up and making it work again.  How cool.

It would be so nice to get together with some of the folks I haven't seen in a long time.  I need to make an effort to make that happen. 
Tom  <><

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PS. Hoping to see many of the guys I mentioned start to come back and talk more here.  I miss the old days.  Facebook is fine and all, but there's something special about this particular community and I hope it resurges. 
Tom  <><

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Thanks Revtro! I'd like to see that too. Some of it's on me. I have plans but have difficulty getting to them. I'm working on my time management. Hope to see you Saturday - I think you're signed up? Saw you have possible plans for some changes of your own. Good luck with that.

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