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Those Other Fish

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More Fishing Pictures

Walleye like this one like tube baits too.
Some people might not believe it, but I actually do fish for other fish on purpose sometimes.

Of course, blessed with the abundant quality resources like we are, especially in Michigan, you really never know what is going to end up on the end of your line sometimes.

Here’s a sample of some of the other fish my friends & I catch while out enjoying the great waters of our country…

Mark with a giant Arkansas drum. cameraguy is an expert.
Photos I Like

Nick & Bob with a nice ‘gill & sunfish from L. Ovid – from a camping trip a long time ago.
(Used in MOOD magazine)

Little Alex wasn’t sure he wanted a piece of this ‘big’ gill Aunt Angie helped land. He’s not so little now over a dozen years later.

Bigfish shot me fighting a big Elk River salmon. We stopped to eat & decided to make a few casts to visible fish. This big aggressive salmon crunched a Bomber 6A green crayfish crankbait.
Not Just All About Bass
Dan Kimmel with 50-inch class Great Lakes musky

My biggest musky ever, close to 50” and thick as a log. She hit a 5” Xtreme Bass St. Clair goby tube in 20 feet along the St. Clair shipping channel drop. Jumped clear of the water like a missile launch next to a passing freighter. No wonder the smallies weren’t biting there.
Photo by Jeff Bishop (shot on slide film so the scan is poor)

Another shot of my big September 03 shipping channel musky. It rolled up my line or I might have lost it. She’s back in the lake for someone else now.

A Grand River walleye from the river-run backwater upstream of Lansing – back in my younger, full-beard days.

Okay, I didn’t catch it, but what a commotion when this bad boy blew out of weeds I cast to in an Okeechobee pond – my first wild gator.

They don’t actually have a fish yet, but here’s Nic & Bob doing step 1 – catching the bait to catch the fish with during an old fishing trip.

I just can’t pass up a cruising dogfish without flipping something in his path. Here’s a big spring doggy.

My Santee Cooper sunburn & a fish you won’t find in Michigan. Mark Gomez snapped this shot of my first freshwater mullet.

Most springs, we head to our favorite lakes to flip out some big crappie like this one.

Here’s a Lake Ovid tiger musky on a day Angie & I landed 2 along with 75 bass. This toothy fish hit a white on white spinnerbait.

An average Lake St. Clair musky. Fish around weeds & edges on the big lake & you’re bound to catch some of these tough guys.

A ‘baby’ musky for Derek. They’re pretty & tug hard. This one came from a school of around 15 small musky cruising the St. Clair River edge.

A decent walleye caught downtown Lansing in the Grand River on a Bomber 6A.

A rainy spring day isn’t enough to stop me from fishing & catching fish such as this slab crappie.

From my day on Duck L. during ‘attack of the giant shellcrackers.’

Another huge ‘cracker from Duck L. For some reason, they went on a rampage that day & started smashing jerkbaits. They do have shoulders.

While flipping a seawall during a Muskegon tournament, this toothy guy appeared.

A downtown Lansing Grand River steelhead caught on a fall bass fishing trip in my much younger days.

Pike like this one from my much younger days are all over L. St. Clair. A blast on a buzzbait. Photo by Dan Launstein

Larry snapped my pretty little rainbow trout I caught on a jerkbait from a Northern Michigan lake.

Canadian bass tournament angler Jon Bondy ran into this primitive paddlefish caught by an angler on Grand Lake, Oklahoma – estimated between 60-70 pounds.

A baby musky from Hudson L. We had some follows from some big girls that day, but only caught little guys.

Here's my 2006 trophy sowbelly bowfin or dogfish - caught from Kent Lake on a G-finish shad Big O.

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