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Lots of Largemouth Bass Pictures
Still Love those 'Bigmouths'

Click on the thumbnail photos
to view the full size pictures.

More Fishing Pictures

Larry Dekker with a BIG largemouth fooled by a Bomber Shallow A.
Despite so much of my time is spent chasing Great Lakes smallmouths, I still love to hang a hawg largemouth...

Maybe more now that I don’t get to fish for them as often as I used to. There’s just something especially exciting about flipping a big one out of heavy shallow cover,  or flinging buzzbaits through the thick stuff & seeing the washboard boil of a big bucketmouth inhaling the lure in a frothy explosion.

This Clam Lake pig fell for a chartreuse spinnerbait.
Photos I Like

Derek hoists a sturdy cold water largemouth out of the water to retrieve the jig & pig he caught it on.
(Used in MOOD magazine)

A 5-13 largemouth from the bass factory L. Ovid caught on a fire tiger Bomber 6A. Crankbaits catch many big bass for me.

Angie took this shot of me with a fat prespawn Grand River bass I pulled from a snaggy steep outside bend with a Bomber 6A green crayfish crankbait. (Used in In-Fisherman magazine)
Largemouth Bass
Chartreuse spinnerbait caught largemouth bass

This big spring largemouth inhaled a chartreuse ¼ oz lite wire spinnerbait in the far back of a shallow dark-bottomed bay littered with fallen wood and old brush – my favorite place to fling spinnerbaits. It doesn’t hurt that big ol’ bass like this one haunt the same places. (Used in MOOD magazine)

A young Nic with a well-fed largemouth from a Lake St. Clair marina seawall. A smart photographer would use fill-flash, but the bass were biting.

Who says Grandma’s can’t catch big old bass? Here’s Sharon Dekker’s big bass caught flipping on Bear Lake.

Larry with a decent Gull Lake largie that smacked a spinnerbait during a good fall outing.

Here’s a pretty Grand R. Lansing canal largemouth flipped off a seawall. Photo by Bigfish

‘Archive’ file of Dan Launstein with a decent Grand River Lansing bayou largemouth.

My wife Angie with a chunky largemouth from a Saginaw Bay canal.

My 2nd time using Sluggos in 1989 made me a big fan. Speaking of big, here’s one of the brutes I caught that day.

While I was federation environmental director, I took then MDNR director David Hales downtown on the Grand. This was our catch of the day.

Derek tries to land a huge Lake Ovid jig & pig largemouth.

Mark with 2 toads from an evening where we really slammed them on jigs.

Larry’s big largemouth caught on our ‘secret’ spring lure – a red blade spinnerbait.

This sturdy largemouth broke Angie’s rod tip on the way in (an early date).

Larry here with a nice brush bass that’s been feeding very well.

Derek lips a solid largemouth that ate a Texas-rigged power worm.

‘Little’ Nic with a L. Ovid largemouth caught twitching a Rapala.

Larry dragged this fat 4+ largemouth out of the background brush - some of the best fun you can have on a lake.

Derek was pretty happy catching & landing this nice quality Gull Lake largemouth.

This is a solid Saginaw Bay backwater swamp bass I caught a few years back in practice.

Here, Derek is unhooking a big L. Ovid largemouth.

Derek prepares to hoist out a quality Saginaw Bay bass yanked out from the cattails.

David Simmons, of FLW Outdoors , with another trophy - a 6 ½ pound Table Rock Lake largemouth.

Jon Bondy with a huge Texas winter 2006 largemouth.

Jon Bondy with 2 more hog largemouths from Texas – winter 2006 – Beauties!

Lake Ovid is a big largemouth factory - another big one I caught in June 06 flipping a Zoom Super Hog.

Angler Ed Schweifler with a huge 8 lbs 8 oz  largemouth from Michigan's Grand Traverse County. Released in 2005.

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