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Bass Tournament Pictures

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More Fishing Pictures

I’ve competed in over 200 money tournaments since 1985 in Michigan & around the country.

I now wish I had many more photos of some of those memories, many good and a few not so good. I do have pictures from some of the events I’ve had the good fortune to participate in or witness. Here’s a selection of those pictures of myselft and some of my good friends. I’ve enjoyed recalling the memories…

Derek & I weighed 8 big Mullett Lake smallies at 31.42 pounds in the June 2000 Federation tournament for the win – a memorable fishing day.
Photos I Like

I like this picture because there are some other great anglers including a future superstar in it. I (lower left) finished 2nd at a Federation event on Muskegon Lake.

In tournament practice, the goal is to find quality bass like this one in numbers enough to win. Photo by Mark Gomez

Who wouldn’t like a photo with Forrest Wood? Ranger Rep Pat Kleppert took this shot of Forrest & I in Forrest’s museum of memories.
Bass Tournament Photos
Dan Kimmel with 1st place plaque from 2000 Mullett Lake federation tournament

Another memory from Derek & my satisfying victory in the June 2000 Michigan BASS Chapter Federation Classic Series Burt & Mullett Lakes team tournament. We started with a 26 pound limit of 8 smallies & culled up to almost 32 pounds. We forgot about a 6+ that day in all the fun. I lost that fish the next day.

Lake Okeechobee EverStart of 2000, I’m bagging one of my Florida largemouths the first day. This bass came from inside one of the South Bay islands.

Emptying my livewell at a Saginaw Bay BFL after a long, rough day. My co-angler Phil Conley took the photo & 1st place/big bass on for co-anglers despite a long rough ride.

Mark at a BFL tournament getting his bass checked & counted by BFL official Ivey.

Mark waits on the BFL stage for his sack of bass to be weighed.

Kevin VanDam on the huge screen during the Chicago Bassmasters Classic.

Michigan’s Federation angler at the Chicago Classic – Phil Jones looking like a pro on the big screen.

Phil on the Classic stage at Chicago’s Soldier Field. Although crowds were smaller than hoped for, I doubt Phil would have traded places.

John ‘Mini’ Maniaci helps hold up some of Derek & my Saginaw Bay federation 03 tournament limit. We did decent but missed the money.

Esther of BFL fame (Ivey’s better half) prepares to send me to the weigh stage.

I’m at BFL stage edge with my bass waiting for my turn at the scales.

On stage at the BFL, I’m setting my bag of bass onto the scales to find out what they weigh?

The 1st federation classic at Secord – I missed practice due to illness, but landed one ~4 lb bass each day.

My 2nd classic at Secord L. turned out better with 9th place & big bass – a 5.61 lbs largemouth that ate a slow-rolled chartreuse spinnerbait.

Derek & I had some success in the TriState circuit on the West side. This was a contender for big bass at Muskegon Lake. Photo by Phil Smathers

Another Muskegon TriState where Derek & I took a top 3 finish with White Lake smallies. Here are 4 of the 7. Photo by Phil Smathers

Phil always did a good job at promotion. Here we receive our plaques for our top 3 finish from Mrs. Smathers. Photo by Phil Smathers

Back in the old days, I fished many local tournaments & some bigger out of my little homemade ‘riverboat.’

The Green Bay BASS Northern Divisional team was a good one & a fun one. Here, they’re weighing my best bass.

This is my best bass of day 2 of the Divisional. The bass broke of my lure as my partner netted it.

BASS’ Don Corkran calls my limit weight on day 2 while WI Fed President Chuck Rolfsmeyers watches.

The 1999 MI State Team from the Green Bay BASS Northern Divisional. This great team dominated from start to finish to win. Pictured Front row (L to R): Andy Nowyorkas, Joe Colegrove, Bret Hoeksema, Brian Spear, Andrew Machiela; Back row: Miles Hanley, me, Brian Hopp, Mark Gomez, Mike Posthuma, overall champion Phil Jones, federation rep Jim Rice Sr, Jeff Englesman

Duey from BASS is congratulating Miles, me & Andy on our State Team win.

Here’s Mark Gomez with his Green Bay Divisional trophy.

Each of the MI State Team members received a gold trophy for our Green Bay win.

Randy VanDam shown with a high finish at the 1996 Grand River federation state classic (Grand Isle Marina).
Way back in June 1988, ‘Bigfish’ Chip & I had a great day on the water to win the 2nd Lynn Dennis charity tournament on the Grand River in Lansing. Bigfish & I won 11 tournaments on the river while fishing together.

A bonus in this photo is inclusion of a future fishing VIP. In the background between Chip & I (the only beardless angler) is none other than Yamaha Motors Field Promotions Coordinator David Simmons. He was a young man just getting started back then. He’s gone a long way since, now at FLW Outdoors as the FLW/TBF Programs Manager.

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