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More Bass, Tournament & Fishing Pictures

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More Fishing Pictures

Larry with 2 slab Northern Michigan smallmouth.
I take a lot of pictures, but not as many as I should. There are moments from the past I wish I had pictures of.

Angie takes way more pictures than I do, but she doesn’t like the big water so I have what I do from those times I can stop fishing for a few minutes (and get my various shy fishing partners to hold still long enough). Here’s some more photos I hope you enjoy at least partly as much as I enjoyed the moments they come from…

Bob with a Saginaw Bay smallie from the rocks.
Photos I Like

A memory from a trip from the past with Ben Felton. The weather didn’t want us to run all over & not get wet, but we had a great time anyway prowling St. Clair canals & seawalls.

An average St. Clair smallie, but I like the shot & it’s my favorite sweat shirt. Photo by Mark Gomez

Angie took this shot of the sun setting behind the ridge over a Lansing Grand River backwater as I tried to pull one more bass off a laydown I’ve caught many from over the years.
More of the Ones That Didn't Get Away

My lucky sweatshirt or just lots of big northern Michigan smallies abound. Photo by Larry Dekker

Florida fishing friend Jon Peters with a huge Okeechobee largemouth caught on a bright but incredibly windy fishing day in February 02.

Jeff Bishop hoisting another St. Clair smallie into the boat.

Mark Gomez with 2 huge fall St. Clair smallies on a day we won’t ever forget.

Dan Launstein with a Thornapple Lake crankbait smallie – a bruiser trailing several broken lines.

Mark boats a nice Hardy Dam Pond smallie from a spring 03 trip with Brian Spear and I. We caught a good bunch of nice bass including 1 solid largemouth.

Me with 2 more full-grown Northern Michigan smallies from a past opening weekend trip where prespawn smallie were marauding.

Derek with a pair of jig and pig largemouth from one of our few local lakes - Lake Lansing.

Boating a decent smallie in the middle of nowhere is common on the Great Lakes. No shore in sight in this photo.

Mark with another nice smallie from our spring 03 Hardy Pond trip – with Brian Spear in the background.

Larry hefts two big fall smallies caught on an Indian summer day in the fall where the big ones were biting all day.

Dan with a pretty Baseline Lake smallmouth that bit a tube off a breakline.

Derek hoists a Great Lakes football smallie into the boat.

Mark 'cameraguy' with an October St. Clair toad smallie – my elbow ached at the end of that day.

Brother Bob with a monster Saginaw Bay smallmouth – a real spinnerbait buster!

Spartan Larry with a N. MI smallie that hasn’t missed any meals.

For those who like variety, common on many Michigan lakes is the chance to catch both nice largemouths & smallmouths like these Gull Lake beauties Larry caught on a spinnerbait.

She’s my wife & she can catch ‘em too. This decent smallie came almost out from under Michigan Ave in downtown Lansing.

Here’s a great downtown Lansing Grand River crankbait smallie. The crankbait works really well in a stained water river environment.

Interesting about this old photo of me in my ‘Fudd’ outfit, I was cranking the Grand for salmon on a snowy February 1 & started popping smallmouths despite conventional wisdom saying they should be ‘dormant.’

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