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Bass, Tournament & Fishing Pictures
From My Friends and I

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to view the full size pictures.

More Fishing Pictures

Big Lake Ovid Largemouth
As most who know me will attest to, I love bass and tournament fishing. As far as a favorite species, I truly enjoy the intricacies of largemouth and smallmouth bass.

When I can put my rod down long enough (not easy), I like to shoot pictures for reminiscing on those long, cold Michigan winter days. Some shots are grainy because I shoot lots of slides and don’t have a good slide scanner. Uncredited photos are taken either by me or my wife – Angie.

Downtown Lansing Grand River Toad Smallie!
Miscellaneous Photos

Home - Lansing, MI from the air. They call it the Tree City or something similar. Flying in, the mid-sized city looks like a small oasis in the wooded wilderness with the 3 BWL smokestacks dominating the skyline.

Not a whopper, but my biggest largemouth from my January 2000 EverStart tournament at Okeechobee. I lost a few bigger, but nothing huge.

My home field ‘disadvantage’ - Lake Lansing from overhead. After taking 1st place & big bass in my 1st tournament there years ago, I've done nothing to brag about since. I catch fish there just for fun a few times a year in the old swamp turned lake.
Some of My Family, Friends and Fishing Partners

My #1 wife, Angie can catch bass too. Here's one caught on a lizard expertly flipped into a bush and wrestled out.

Regular fishing partner, Derek Baetz unhooking a largemouth from a jig and pig on Lake Lansing.

Regular fishing partner (& best man who almost made me late for my own wedding), Larry Dekker with a nice brush bass.

I met wild man Jeff Bishop at the 99 Redman on the Bay. We've fished & told bad jokes together many times since. We always have fun.

Mark Gomez & I get to fish & hang out together every year. Here he is with a couple of St. Clair hogs from a fun trip.

Chicks dig him. Fish fear him (especially big ones). Yes, it's Dick ‘Bigfish’ Chipchase with a big St. Clair smallie. Chip might be funnier than Len.

Ben Felton & I share info along the tournament trails. We even climb in a boat together now & then (or sometimes get out & push).

Len Sawisch knows more (bad & good) jokes than anyone I know. Fishing is always fun when Len's in the boat. He can catch 'em too.

Ranger Rick LaFay is a good friend of mine who has fished many tournaments. We share tournament info & stories.

Dan Launstein & I go way back. We were tournament partners many moons ago. He's a threat to big bass everywhere like this 5-9 smallie.

Brad from Windsor. I met this future fishing star at the Windsor Canadian Open in 2000. He knows how to catch the big ones (when cute girls aren’t chasing him).

David Simmons, formerly of Lansing, then Yamaha Motors & now FLW Outdoors. Here's a trophy from the St. Clair River.

My little brother Nic – only a long time ago. Nic’s now out in the grownup world doing some managing.

My littlest brother Bob – also a long time ago. He's all grown up now.

My Godson Aaron, with his daddy Derek & a nice Lake Ovid largemouth he caught on a Senko.

Fellow Yamaha angler & friend Paul Soma – with his 2002 MI federation state champion trophy.
Ones That Didn’t Get Away
Two fat Northern Michigan smallies

Two fat Northern Michigan smallies I caught during one or our annual fall trophy smallmouth bass hunts - these two from my favorite lake - Mullett. Not necessarily giants but well fed fatties, especially the chubby belly on the left!
Photo by Larry Dekker

One of my all-time favorite photos – from a past camping trip to L. Ovid with Bob & Nic. Nic was so hungry, he tried to eat 6 hotdogs, & Bob kept catching all the big sunfish.

Ben Felton, looking sharp as always, with a nice largemouth. We sometimes fish for them on purpose.

Looks like a toss up between me & this bass who’s been eating better! Photo by Larry Dekker

Larry Dekker with 2 more big northern Michigan smallies from a fall weekend to remember. Larry passed away in 2006.

Another from the archives – in Michigan, you get used to not seeing shore on the horizon at times. This is Saginaw Bay near the island chain.

Len Sawisch with a late season double of fat St. Clair open-water smallmouths.

Derek unhooks a decent largemouth that fell for a double-willow spinnerbait.

Sometimes the right camera lens (or a good computer) is an angler’s best friend. Photo by Mark Gomez

Larry holds 2 more really nice Northern Michigan inland smallies. Definitely full-grown.

Larry appreciates another big North Michigan smallie before releasing it to get even bigger.

A smoke tube fooled this Lake St. Clair smallmouth for Len.

Ben Felton admires a quality Great Lakes smallie before releasing it for another day.

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