I highlight different products from time to time explaining why I use them with confidence. When I update my primary and secondary confidence products web pages I’ll copy the previous highlights here in case someone wants to see past information.

Product Highlight

HOT NEW Tube Colors from Xtreme Bass Tackle for 2004!

From the mind of Lake St. Clair Combat Fishing creator and editor Wayne Carpenter, owner of Xtreme Bass Tackle, comes two completely original new hot tube designs for the 2004 season. After the success of some of Wayne’s other custom designs like St. Clair Goby and Smoke/small gold purple – Wayne has come up with the new FireTiger and Great Lakes Craw!

Both tubes were scorching hot sellers this winter and are already putting a lot of bass on the end of many anglers’ fishing lines including mine.

Xtreme Bass Tackle Great Lakes Craw Tube
Xtreme Bass Tackle Great Lakes Craw Tube

Both are available in 4” and 5” sizes, but sell as fast as Wayne gets them in.

Xtreme Bass Tackle Firetiger Tube
Xtreme Bass Tackle Firetiger Tube

If you have Microsoft Word installed, you can download a brochure on my complete Must Have St. Clair Tubes (it will take a few minutes since it is 9 MB) here.

Product Highlight 2002

Ranger Boats Custom Finish Shop

If you enjoy bass fishing out of a quality bass boat and computers, I think you’ll have some fun with this new option on the Ranger Boats web site. The Custom Boat finishing function allows you to custom color any Ranger Comanche or Fisherman Series boat live on the web. You can pick from all the colors available for each part of the boat hull to get an estimation how it will look. Once you’ve come up with the perfect Ranger Boats Custom Finishing Shopcolored combination to match your hauling rig or your personality, you can print your selection out. Take it to a Ranger dealer and get the boat of your dreams. Even if you don’t want to buy a new Ranger boat right now, it’s a fun page to use. Give it a try at: Ranger Boats Custom Shop.