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Pickup camper and bass boat on trailerThe days are long and the sun is hot. This can only mean one thing – summer is here! Summer is the season that you and your family look forward to all year long. It’s a time where family bonds are strengthened and lifetime memories are made. That’s why it is essential to make sure your RV is running properly to avoid a premature end to your vacation.

To get the most out of your vacation time this summer, a pre-trip RV check is your best bet for a hassle-free trip. However, before you even begin to look over your rig, a good starting point would be to make sure everything you need is packed and ready to go.

As for what to pack, a lot depends on where you are going, what time of year and for how long. Start by allowing every passenger one suitcase for clothing, toiletries, medication, and “must-have” items. As for the rest of the provisions, here are a few suggestions on what to take: food and drinks, skillet, garbage bags, silverware, plates and dishes, cups, toilet paper, towels, cell phone and lawn chairs.

Once you’ve taken inventory of all the items you’ll need for your trip, you can begin to inspect the most vital component for a safe and smooth vacation – your RV!

Prior to each trip, try to get in the habit of walking around the outside of your RV to see if anything is out of place. How do your tires look? Are they low on air? Have all slide-out rooms been retracted? Are all of your items and accessories properly secured? Other areas to check or adjust include: engine oil and fluids, trailer attachment to hitch, awnings, signal and brake lights, side mirrors and seatbelts.

And last, but certainly not least, you want to make sure your RV is fully insured just in case the unexpected happens. Fully insured means getting the full value of what you paid for your rig – not a depreciated amount!

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