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GreatLakesBass.com - Extensive bass fishing home page specializing in Great Lakes, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario bass fishing techniques, news, issues, conservation, bass fishing reports, bass biology, tournament strategy, bass fishing lure and fishing tackle, bass fishing forum and fishing message board, logistics and safety, and product information.

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GreatLakesBass.com is a growing Internet website community specializing in Michigan and Great Lakes Region bass and bass tournament fishing. GreatLakesBass.com provides a friendly place for anglers to read about and discuss all the topics related to the Great Lakes region fishing experience including the products bass anglers want and need to have.

Products and companies are a large part of that experience. Promote and display your products to a targeted audience of dedicated bass anglers. GreatLakesBass.com is the place for your ad/sponsorship.

Analytics Summary August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017 Stats (Details available upon request)
Unique Visitors:    49,685
# of Sessions:      84,503
# of Pageviews:    254,076
Avg Time/Session:     2:11
Avg Pages/Session:    3.01

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Cost-effective, particularly for small businesses, you can advertise directly through GreatLakesBass.com. There are three advertising levels available with button pricing starting as low as $15 and promotional advertising as low as $47:

  1. Promotional Site Sponsor Advertising – Top option. Allows advertisers to actively promote their business/products on our forum. Up to 4 persons you designate can be listed as a site sponsors on our forum message boards with additional linked advertising graphics in their signatures. Ad views are unlimited during either a 3, 6 or 12 month advertising package at the highest priority.
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  3. CPM Advertising – Adviews purchased in blocks of 1,000 adviews with a 5,000 minimum purchase. Medium priority adviews with no promotional opportunity, but inexpensive at $3 per 1,000 for button graphic (up to 120px by 120px) and $4.50 per 1,000 for the top banner (468px by 60px).

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Ad graphics should be limited to 50 KB or less if provided by you, in jpg, gif, png or swf format, and will be set to click through to your URL. Let us know if your link is built into any swf file you provide.

The available ad locations rotate among existing advertisers at a priority rate determined by the package purchased. Exact number of ad graphic views in unlimited period packages is not guaranteed. Custom plans may be available. Please use the contact options below to inquire about plans and get our latest advertising rates. Analytics are available upon request for many pages and sections.

Use our Advertising Contact Form.

Or this advertising contact information:
Dan Kimmel * GreatLakesBass.com * PO Box 27424 * Lansing MI 48909
810-433-BASS (2277)

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Bingham Farms MI 48025
Fax: 284-784-6681

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