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Lithium battery for sale. Someone probably wants it.


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See you at the Ultimate Fishing Show Thursday thru Sunday!


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The 79th Annual Ultimate Sport Show - Grand Rapids is March 7 - March 10, 2024 at DeVos Place. Over 4 acres of fishing and hunting gear, outdoor travel, fishing boats and seminars!
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Michigan's original sportsmen's show - Outdoorama 2024 up next! February 22 - 25 at Suburban Collection Showplace.
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Kevin VanDam headlines a Star-Studded lineup of Seminar Speakers when the largest freshwater fishing show in the country, the Ultimate Fishing Show–Detroit, drops anchor January 11-14, 2024
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This is resource page for aquatic invasive plants (weeds) including information on identifying them, and how you can help if you choose to. In Michigan, Starry Stonewort is becoming a real issue with over 120 lakes at least infested with it.


Davison Area Smallmouth Addict looking for a parter or 2.

Started by Crankenstein, January 18, 2011, 10:43:35 PM

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Hello all!!! My name is Jeremy.  I am an RN and work every fri,sat,sun.  I am off mon thru thurs.  Because of my schedule it is hard to find people to fish with(most of my friends work all week). I have a 19.5 foot Stratos with a 200.  I got into the Smallmouth fishing on Saginaw Bay last year and looking to expand my areas.  I fished the heck out of the east side(launched out of bayport), and had some really impressive days.  I am also on the Detroit River most of April jigging for walleye.  As soon as May hits, I am chasing pre-spawn Smallies.  I will jig the St.Clair river for walleyes late-may into June. I would love to learn how to catch them smallies post-spawn.  They are pretty easy for me pre-spawn and picking em off their beds, but I would like to expand my knowledge of catching them into the summer.  I am also really interested in chasing monster smallies in the fall.  I want to expand my knowledge on Lk. St.Clair and also try out fishing on Lake Erie.  I guess I am a power fisherman.  I would like to learn some new finesse techniques, but it is really hard for me to put down my cranking sticks.  My favorite bait is a lipless crank.  I love power fishing because I can cover tons of water and I am a little A.D.D.  I love my friends, but most of them are not fisherman so I am supplying all the gear and trying to entertain them instead of bouncing techniques off guys who know what they are doing. I got the boat and gear, just need some guys whom are ate up with chasing big water fish and willing to show me some new techniques.  Thanks a lot


im in.  i have really sharpened my drop shot game over the last couple years.  i am by no means an expert but it is something i have a ton of confidence in and i wouldnt mind showing you what i know at all.  my schedule is funky at times but im in pretty good with the owner of the company i work for so i am usually good for a couple days off when i need them.  Plus its always good to make friends with a Registered Ninja.  Never know when you might need some karate.

McCarter himself :-\'


I too have the crazy schedule thing. I work retail and work most weekends, giving me two days off during the week usually. I fish alone on a lot of these days. I'm no expert on any of this stuff, but I've picked up a few things. Would love to go out sometime.


I am often looking for mid-week practice partners for the BFL's.  I post on here when I have empty back seats.  Last year I only found people for about 50% of my open mid-week days.  I don't take gas $ or anything on practice days - I am going anyway.  All you have to do is show up and be willing to put in a long day on the water.



I also have a funny schedule.  I run a bar and bowling center so it's hard for me to get out on the weekends.  Through the week I'm usually available but don't always know in advance.  I usually get out of work at 3 or 4am.  If you get up early and decide your going fishing, it's the perfect time to call me.  I'm always ready to go.  My specialty is powerfishing largemouth though.  I'd love to hit the big water though, just don't have a big enough boat myself.


capt charlie's charters

Smallmouth??? an addict, welcome to my club.  I'm retired and love nothing better then to fish during the week, plus I taught Seth V everything he knows...okay so I'm stretching it ya V.

give the capt a holler when your ready.

capt charlie


if you are considering joining a bass club ( i know you have a crazy schedule ) you should check ours out, Team Bass....we are based out of Davison, hold our meetings at Players Inn just north of town on M15 the first Sunday morning of each month in the off season.  if nothign else come down to Players and sit in for a meeting, get to know some guys and maybe find a partner even if you dont join up with us.....we are a fun group (most of the time  ;D)

anyway check out if your interested, pm me or e-mail @ for mor information.

Blake Arkwood


I live a couple of miles north of players inn.  I would love to join a club.  My only problem is I work every Sun 7a-7p.  I am usually home by 8pm.  Anyhow, I would love to meet some new fisherman in my area. Thanks Jeremy

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