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Author Topic: Final Information For the Junior State Championship  (Read 1958 times)

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Final Information For the Junior State Championship
« on: June 03, 2010, 05:48:40 PM »

Youths, Parents and Boaters

2010 TBF Junior State Championship

When: June 12, 2010
Where: Pontiac Lake
Launch: Pontiac State Park
Check in Time: Starts 7:00am
Launch Time: 8:00am
Time of Tournament: 6 Hrs
Ages: 11-14 and 15 to 18
Address: 2401 North Williams Rd Waterford,MI 48327

  The Gate for the park will be open at 7:00am

  We will have breakfast to start the morning, juice, water, doughnuts and bagels.

  The equipment the youths are responsible for bringing are: fishing rods (no more then 6), tackle (no live bait), if they have their own life jackets (we will have some spares), sun block and rain gear (we all know Michigan weather). We will have some snacks for the kids to take on the boat but they can bring their own. Youths that are 17 year old they must have a Michigan fishing license.

  Where we are having this event the State park said they would try to get us some Picnic table in the area but just in case you might want to bring some chair or a blanket for the ground.

    During the tournament each youth will have control of the front of the boat for half the day.

   After the tournament we will be having a cookout. Before the youths can feed their faces they must weigh their fish in.  Also during this tournament all the kids will be working with the DNR on a Conservation Project.  They will be doing some work with the fish they have caught. All the youths need to participate in this. The DNR will be doing measuring of all of our fish and also doing some spine samples. They all need to know that there is more to our fishing than just going out and catching them.  They need to know the other aspect of this sport and this will be one of the ways by working with the Michigan DNR.

    After everything is done and fish are weighed in, DNR is complete, the youths have all eaten we will then present the two winners.
   The two winners will be going to Atlanta, Georgia for the 2010 National Guard Junior Championship

  The morning is going to be very hectic, so try not to show up at 7:45am.  I would like to see the youths there between 7:00am and 7:30am. We will be having a short meeting at 7:45 (or sooner), this is going to be a very large event we have 54 youths fishing and 29 boats. The boat launch is going to be very busy place. During registration we will try to pair up some of the kids with there boater.  There will be people there to help get the kids on their boats and onto the water. When parents come into the park we ask that all parents park towards the back part of the parking lot. We want to keep the front open up for our boater so we can get the youths into there boats.

  Boaters: First of all thank you for coming out and helping with our youth event. You as a boater are guides for these kids.  Some of them will know where they want to go and what they will be fishing with. There are some that will need our help. You are allowed to net their fish if they want and can make some suggestions on spots and lures.  Remember these are the tournament anglers of the future and our sport needs it.  You might even learn something from some of the youths. Any questions feel free to contact me either by e-mail or cell phone. One other thing I need from all the boaters is I need to confirm you are going to be there. Send me back an e-mail to let me know. I need to know what kind of boat you have (color, make and motor) as well to help get the kids to their boat.  We are still looking for a couple of more boats so let me know.
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