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New Video Fishing Tip - Burning Spinnerbaits for BIG Fall Smallmouth Bass

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; If you like fishing for fall smallmouth bass in northern Michigan, you might want to check out the new video posted on this site. head honcho, Dan Kimmel, makes a case for using spinnerbaits to haul in huge bronzebacks.  Plus, Dan explains what to look for when trying to locate areas that have the potential for trophy smallies.

It's in the video section of the website.   It's titled, Burning a Spinnerbait for Fall Smallmouth.

You know... I stumble along, tripping over my words and saying things like YEEHAW ANOTHER BIGUN... and then cameraguy comes along with his special talent for video and editing and makes me look like I actually have some idea about this fishing thing we're all hooked on. Thanks cameraguy!!

I'll make it convenient for those of you who haven't been fortunate enough yet to travel to one of our many big smallie fishing locations we are blessed with here in the Great Lakes by posting a link to watch the video right here:

One of the main reasons I keep going is so we can all share fishing stories, tips and techniques with each other. Remember, you can upload your own video on our video service to share with everyone. I'll highlight those our 'panel' chooses for everyone throughout the year. And stay tuned for more Video Fishing Tips.

Nice job guys. 

Thanks fiker

Great video, you looked very natural on camera..Do I see "Great Lakes Bass Fishing" coming to VS soon??? ;D


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