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2007 season for me

Started by blackbass, December 27, 2007, 09:24:50 AM

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Well it was a long season, full of ups and downs.  I put in some serious time this year and have a full freezer, so i guess i can't complain. 
I shot a doe on 10-15 in michigan, even though it was 65 degrees, and a monday night.  She gave me a perfect quartering away shot at about 8 yards, i couldn't let it go.  i found her right after dark, and she was boned out in the fridge by 10:30 that night. 

on the morning of 11-3. I was sitting in a stand overlooking a corn field
in Indiana for the first time this year.  i could hear deer feeding out there before it was light enough to see. as i squinted out where the grass swale met the corn field in front of me, i could just make out the outline of a big deer angling out of the corn towards the treeline i was in.  he would miss me be a hundred yards, so i grunted at him as he disapeared out of view.  5 minutes later i caught movement just 15 yards away and slowly turned to see him standing looking out in to the picked corn.  he was in stuff so thick i couldn't make out his rack clearly, but knew he was a good buck.  he stood there staring for a long time and turned and walked away.  i let him get about 40 yards out and grunted again.  he came back to the same spot and stopped again.  and eventually turned and walked away again.  i brought him back 3 times over about 20 minutes, and was pretty sure i was never going to get a shot, when i heard something coming from the other side.  another buck came out and stood perfectly broadside at 15 yards in the picked corn right where my buck was looking.  buck #2 was a real tight 9-point.  the first buck was lots bigger body wise and rackwise.  and he was instantly ready to kick some butt when he saw the other buck  he stomped right out into the field and gave me a broadside shot at 15 yards. 12.5" inside spread 8-point weighed 165# field dressed.

i took a doe on 11-15 after seeing 12 or so deer, only saw 1 little buck.

11-26-07 dad and i had made a couple trips to ohio scouting over the
last couple weeks to some family property that i had never hunted and dad hadn't hunted for 30 years.  we hunted with a couple of dad's cousins, and on the first morning, i was hunting over a picked cornfield.  As the rainy fog let me see out into the field i could see a deer heading my way.  i got ready as i followed him in my scope from 150 yards out.  He just kept coming.  i shot him within 4 steps of the base of my tree.
i have never been as much of a wreck trying to shoot a deer as i was that morning.  shaking, heart beating, i'm lucky he came that close or i probably
would have missed.    after i shot him 3 more bucks came across that field.
i got two of them turned towards dad and he shot the second one. 
it was a great trip, and if they will have us back we will be there again next year.
mine was a 13.5" wide ten point.  field dressed 148#.

i hunted a total of 37 sittings in michigan and 1 in ohio and 1 in indiana. 
guess i can't complain. 


Great job!!  I still have to get out again, probably tomorrow morning and do a little doe reduction in my area.  Hope to have it back next year, so the 17 point I saw at the beginning of November can give me a shot this time!!!  Good luck next year guys!!!

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