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2024-02-26, 11:25:32
Ultimate Sports Show GR coming - March 7-10, 2024 at DeVos Place!


2024-01-16, 16:14:35
Lithium battery for sale. Someone probably wants it.


2024-01-11, 08:23:30
See you at the Ultimate Fishing Show Thursday thru Sunday!


2023-12-30, 12:05:12
Who's dropping by the new forum these days?


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Mon, 26 Feb 2024 19:28:28 +0000
The 79th Annual Ultimate Sport Show - Grand Rapids is March 7 - March 10, 2024 at DeVos Place. Over 4 acres of fishing and hunting gear, outdoor travel, fishing boats and seminars!
Tue, 16 Jan 2024 00:43:52 +0000
Michigan's original sportsmen's show - Outdoorama 2024 up next! February 22 - 25 at Suburban Collection Showplace.
Sat, 23 Dec 2023 15:37:04 +0000
Kevin VanDam headlines a Star-Studded lineup of Seminar Speakers when the largest freshwater fishing show in the country, the Ultimate Fishing Show–Detroit, drops anchor January 11-14, 2024
Tue, 28 Nov 2023 15:46:34 +0000
This is resource page for aquatic invasive plants (weeds) including information on identifying them, and how you can help if you choose to. In Michigan, Starry Stonewort is becoming a real issue with over 120 lakes at least infested with it.
Fri, 03 Mar 2023 15:33:21 +0000
The Ultimate Sport Show – Grand Rapids returns to DeVos Place, March 9-12, offering the latest fishing, hunting and camping gear, as well as seminars


Thank You, Dan

Started by VinceR, May 06, 2007, 10:49:04 AM

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I just want to take a minute to say thank you for all that you do for the sport that we all love and enjoy (and sometimes, take for granted). Your (seemingly) tireless enthusiasm, energy, and dedication never ceases to amaze me.



I also echo VinceR"s thanks.  Your love and support of our favorite pastime is deeply appreciated!!!!  Thanks again, Steve Clapper


I'm sure there are tons of guys and gals that aren't on this site that would also give a standing ovation to Dan. In their place I also say THANKS!
Mark Nelson
Look past what they want you to see.



You are my new HERO, thanks a bunch.

Thomas Valead
Jos.24:15 ....;but as for me and my house,we will serve the Lord."


I'm impressed by all that you do for us.




I tell everyone I can, that in Michigan we can thank Dan Kimmel for a ton of positive things pertaining to our favorite sport, bass fishing !!!

Thanks for all your hard work !!!

Curado Kev aka Kevin Meyle
SOB Lures

Terry's Tackle


You're all very welcome and thanks for saying such nice things. I'm very glad that you come here, hang out and read about the entire mix of things that surround our great sport. Should be another great fishing season upon us!!

Help stop invasive spcies. Don't move fish between unconnected bodies of water. Clean, drain and dry your boat before launching on another water body.
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