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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; For opening weekend 2013, Captain Wayne Carpenter of Xtreme Bass Tackle and Bass to the Future, Dan Zowada of and Zowada Animated Productions, and want to kick what may be the best year ever on Lake St. Clair off with a big BANG! Introducing the first weekly Lake St. Clair Fishing Show!!

The Lake St. Clair Fishing Show is a weekly, every Friday, VIDEO report - more than a report - on the things you need to know for your weekend fishing on Lake St. Clair! Upcoming tournaments, information from recent fishing reports, water conditions, weather patterns, tactics and MUCH MORE!!! All the things we believe will help you adjust QUICKLY to make the most of your tournament or trophy smallmouth bass fishing time on the #1 BASS FISHING LAKE IN THE U.S.A. Lake St. Clair!!

Visit now for the opening weekend 2013 VIDEO report and information! Make sure you visit every Friday for the latest weekly updates and information, including additional resources to help you get catch more and bigger bass! Timely information you need!! You'll be glad you watched! :)

Watched it.  Loved it.  Great concept and follow through. 
I still miss the ole Combat Fishing Newsletter but this is pretty cool too.  I will definitely check this out.  At the price of gas it's nice to have a general heads up as to where to go on the lake.

Thank you for the feedback fiker. We are working on this week's video. A new video each week.

Team houston:
Very nice Dan and Wayne. Looking forward to watching every Friday. Maybe I can even catch a couple.

I hope so. Sometimes you catch more than a couple! That's what I'm hoping for you. Good luck this weekend.


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