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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; All i heard was blah blah blah blah HOOTERS blah blah blah.

McCarter himself :-\'

Aren't you married now?

Exactly!  What married fella doesnt like Hooters?  Best wings in town!

McCarter himself :-\'

I like Hooters there wings suck though but there staff is hotttttttttttttttttttt

The first dam is Midland dam by Dow as stated. I haven't gone up that far - pretty shallow I'm told. Been a few years, but I did some walleye fishing through there in November/December before.

We did best just downstream from the train bridge in the Titabawassee. Caught a few near a golf course too. Some real treacherous spots for boats. I remember some old ruin - maybe leftover from a bridge right out in the middle unmarked back then that took some lower units. Ruins by the train bridge. Gravel and rock bars in a few places too.

I've heard this fall and last - the Hooters run has been hot! I'm talking fishing here, not memories of my favorite waitress of all times (she scratched my back for me once ;D) - she always had a nice cold Coke on the table as soon as I sat down... er, oh... I was talking fishing wasn't I?

I think the 'Y' is where the the Shiawassee, Cass and Titabawassee (and further down - the Flint) rivers all come together to form the Saginaw if I remember right - not sure though.


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