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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I allow quite a bit of freedom in the links members can share with each other, but occasionally, purely for business reasons, there may be companies I will have a no links policy for. This is to provide a better value to the companies that make successful by not giving free advertising and traffic to companies that do not help at all and/or compete against the companies that do help GLBass.

I really, really want to keep this website going for all of you. To do so, I have to be successful in covering my expenses and the time GLBass takes away (25 or more hours a week) from paying web jobs which means I may place a company/website on the no links/mention list. See the complete list below please.

If you post a link or mention checking out the website(s) in your post, the link(s) will be deleted possibly along with the company mention depending upon the reason for the company being on the list. Please do not take this personal. By doing this, I can provide better support to competing companies who actually do help GLBass verses some companies that harm my ability to keep things going.

Thank you for understanding and helping GLBass.

Our policy on links, advertising and promotion are covered in more detail in the forum rules everyone must abide by to use Please review them if it has been a while. You may want to review our FTC-required Disclosure Policy if you are not aware that we do benefit from some of the links and companies on GLBass.


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- please no links or mention of this company in posts; they refuse to give credit for traffic sent by this website which has been substantial in the past. No credit for traffic referrals = no traffic.

Frankly, I have never spent 1 cent with this company in my 50+ years on Earth and I seem to be okay despite that... there are lots of sources for fishing tackle. Please help continue by choosing an alternative from our fair and supportive choices.

A great alternative to the above-mentioned company that only takes away from our bottom line is Bass Tackle Depot. They are very helpful about giving credit for traffic sent by to their website. They have a military discount, lots of big sales and competitive prices. You can check out for many other online purchase options that help stay in business.

I had planned on doing this another way but decided to move and sticky this post to the Questions and Support forum. The more each of you takes a few moments now and then to help grow, the shorter this list will remain. Only 1 company at the moment. I'd like to keep it that way - thanks!



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