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Have my 6 in The Bass Boys but happy to have more!

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Dan, If they are still doing the magazine option the same can you load me as a " snail Mail" FLW magazine....Thanks,,.,

I always set everyone to a paper magazine. I'm not sure how other people end up with the electronic edition only as a default? That's not how my online member management comes up.

What is deadline to join?  Yeah, I am a terrible procrastinator :P

There is no actual deadline right now BUT any member who enters too late for me to get them in to TBF National by 12/31/2011 gets us no benefits back from FLW Outdoors thereby taking money away from our overall budget.

We get a significant monetary kickback from the FLW Outdoors dues for every TBF member we turn in to them by 12/31/2011. After that date, no kickback. That is lost budget money of about $18 per member. If 5,000 anglers wait to join nationally after 12/31/2011, that is $90,000+ in operating money we don't get! From what I'm told we leave that or more on the table every season due to late memberships. What a waste...

Since I had the pleasure of fishing with eetz in the DK open last spring and practiced with him at Houghton Lake, can we be a boater/non-boater pair the club sends to the fishoff?


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